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  • 1.  Mass Update Hotel

    Posted 01-03-2024 10:59
    Edited by Olivia Rawlings 01-03-2024 10:59

    Hello! I am trying to mass update over 100 people from one hotel into another. I know how to go in and individually update a persons hotel from one to another. Wondering if there is a faster, more efficient way to move one persons existing hotel information (check in/out, special requests) but just change the hotel it is under.

    Thank you!


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  • 2.  RE: Mass Update Hotel

    Posted 01-04-2024 08:56

    Hello! I would probably export a report of the hotel request with the information of all participants. Make sure you've already created another accommodation with the other hotel and rooms (close it for registration if you don't want it to be visible in the registration process). Change the name of the hotel and of the rooms in the file you exported, and then you can import the modified report as a new hotel request. I think depending on want you want, you can add a new one or overwrite the previously existing hotel request. 

    Hope this helps! But I'm curious if someone has another way to do it.

    Cassandre Therrien
    Technology Coordinator - MICE
    Les Voyages Laurier Du Vallon