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  • 1.  Multiple editions; multiple countries

    Posted 05-25-2022 09:45


    JOB TITLE – Head, Brand Marketing

    EVENT DESCRIPTION – Virtual event - 7 editions

    EVENT DATES - July - September 2021

    PHASE OF EVENT PLANNING: (Event/Web Build, During Event, Post-Event) Post- Event

    TYPE OF EVENT - Virtual

    WHAT WORKED FOR YOU (DO'S - write at least 2) -

    Cater to your geography: We wanted to run a series across the globe on slightly different industry topics but with a similar overarching theme. While some topics could work across multiple geographies, we still continued to tweak the messaging and even the imagery utilizing photos containing people from that geography to assimilate the event and topics more to the viewers.

    Do create a mix of sessions. Our event ran for a few hours and rather than keeping people in one session where you'd eventually lose their attention, we kept things moving switching them between 1-4 people panel sessions and bringing them into breakout rooms to engage and discuss with different people on the topics we were discussing. 

    WHAT TO AVOID (DON'TS - write at least 2) –

    Don't overcomplicated. We wasted a lot of time building this entire event environment (Demo booths, library of data, games and engagements). Know your audience and be respectful of their time. We didn't give much break middle of the sessions for people to do these things but spent weeks building it out only to find nobody really engaged with any of it.

    Use data tags or keep info simple on the sites. In the weeks leading up sessions were tweaked nonstop and we'd have to update the content in 15 different spots. Really engage with page metrics and see what people are really even looking at and keep those other pages simple to save yourself time and rework.



  • 2.  RE: Multiple editions; multiple countries

    Posted 06-09-2022 15:12
    I really like your DON"TS, @Rachel Sigley. Keep it simple and let the data drive your focus. Thank you for sharing!​

    Daniel Marotta
    Senior Manager
    Cvent Community Team