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  • 1.  Payment Portal

    User Group Member
    Posted 11-30-2023 15:51

    I need to create a payment portal like event. It is to accept online payments for a course occurring outside of CVent.


    Akobi Adams
    Royal Academy of DanceUnited Kingdom

  • 2.  RE: Payment Portal

    User Group Member
    Posted 12-01-2023 06:58

    I would probably set it up as just a registration path that collects their name and email and has the course with the price as the admission item, then takes them to the summary/payment page. That seems like the most stripped-down way to achieve it. 

    I've never done a site for that purpose, so I'd love to hear if someone else has a more practical method!

    Tori Martinez
    Event Technology Specialist
    Direct Travel
    United States