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Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2022

  • 1.  Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2022

    Posted 01-19-2023 09:36
    Edited by Cvent Product News 01-24-2023 09:46
    Below you will find the full list of Q3 2022 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub, #CventVideoCenter #Registration#EventDiagramming, #Budget, #AccessPortal, #MeetingsManagement, #LeadCapture, #ExhibitorPortal, #SupplierNetwork#OnsiteSolutions#Surveys#Appointments, #eMarketing and Integrations. 

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on February 14 ❤️ to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​ 

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    Attendee Hub® 


    Video Library and Storage Management 

    This release enables you to add and manage videos within the new video library. You will be able to share videos between events and Cvent Video Center (new product) on the same account, edit videos, and add text and audio tracks. 
    Within the Video Library, you can access a specialized video management view, which includes information on storage amounts and usage across all events in an account. You can also use it to help identify, download, and delete unneeded video assets. 
    With this release we will be moving from our old 90-day file retention limit in Attendee Hub to our new flexible fixed storage model. 


    App Profile Edit Enhancement 

    This is a refresh of the existing Profile Edit experience for attendees. The profile edit enhancement feature provides a more flexible experience so that the attendee can highlight their uniqueness and therefore entice others to connect with them. 
    Attendees can now add social media and personal website URLs and can control their entire profile, including the ability to remove field values, if they choose. 


    Game Template Update 

    The Game template has been reconfigured to be more generic and applicable to all types of events, in-person, virtual, and hybrid. This is part of our larger effort to ensure that the Game feature can be used to increase engagement and adoption of the Attendee Hub experience for all events. 


    Document Sharing 

    Added the ability for you to enable or disable document sharing at event level by switching a toggle on/off. This control is in the Event Privacy menu in App Builder and will be applied to speaker, session, and exhibitor documents. When document sharing is disabled, an attendee will not be able to download event documents on AH web or Event App. 


    Travel Details on Event App 

    Attendees can now see their travel information (flight and/or hotel) when logged into the event app. This includes attendees' confirmed hotel reservations & confirmed flight bookings (including multiple legs, if applicable). 
    The builder functionality allows you to choose to only show flight or hotel information based on requirements. 


    Session Live Streaming on Event App 

    In a post-COVID 19 world, many events have a virtual component to complement the in-person event, so the need to provide this experience on a phone is more important than ever. Streaming a session directly within that app provides the attendee the ability to stay engaged with the event and live session while on-the-go. 


    Single Sign On per Registration Path for Attendee Hub Web 

    Support for SSO per Registration Path in Attendee Hub Web will allow you to send your attendees down different login paths whether that be typical verification codes or OAuth, based on their registration type. 


    Speakers Page for Attendee Hub Web 

    Attendees will be able to view a 'Speakers' page under the Schedule navigation grouping which displays a list of all the speakers in the event set to display at attendees. The speakers first name, last name, designation, title, and company will display initially and clicking on a speaker's name will open the speaker's biography with additional information for the attendee to review. Attendees will be able to search and sort the list by speakers first or last name and filter by featured speakers. 


    Moderator Ability to Delete Discussion Posts on the Attendee Hub Event App 

    With this release, global moderators will now have the ability to delete attendee's posts within a discussion chat. Previously, moderators already have this ability on the web, therefore this is an effort to provide feature parity and give moderators the ability to monitor the chats through their device of choice. 

    Manage All Sessions List Standard Filters & Custom Filters for the Attendee Hub Web 

    In App Builder, you will be able to edit, delete, and reprioritize our standard session filters to offer the best attendee experience discovering content on both web and app for your event. 
    For the web, you will also be able to utilize session custom fields to offer up to 10 additional options for your attendees to filter the session list by. These custom filters can then be reprioritized with our standard filters. 


    Added the ability to use a custom URL or private domain for the Attendee Hub Web 

    You can now use a custom URL or private domain for your Attendee Website. 
    Speaker bio page on the Attendee Hub Web 


    Attendees can now access a speaker's bio page from the session details page of the Attendee Website, which will include the speaker's profile image, biography, social media links, and associated sessions. 


    Made it easier to access session documents during a session 

    While viewing a session on the Attendee Website, attendees can now access session documents through the Attachments link within the session details section. 


    Feature discussions on the Attendee Hub Event App 

    You can now feature a discussion on the Discussions page of the Event App, and customize when it will be visible on the Home Page. 

    Exhibitor category logos and banner images to the Attendee Hub Event App 

    Exhibitor category logos and banner images can now be viewed on the Event App in addition to the Attendee Website. 


    Embed Studio Presenter Video 

    When broadcasting a session with Studio, speakers will now remain in Attendee Hub while capturing their content. This provides a less complex and overwhelming experience for speakers to present and engage with their audience in real time utilizing the built-in engagement functions. 
    Speakers will also have a new prompt in the top left of the screen offering easy access to view as an attendee so they can confirm that the content, video, and audio, is indeed showing up as expected. 


    Viewing as attendee Banner 

    If an attendee clicks 'Join session' for a session in which they have been assigned a speaker or host permission, as opposed to joining with their defined role, they will see a new 'Viewing as an attendee' banner across the top of the video player displayed in the events main color. 


    Improved Attendee List Filters 

    You will be able to create Attendee List filters in App Builder more efficiently by improving the information used to set up a filter, such explaining the purpose of filters and how to set them up. Improvements to the workflow, helps you navigate to internal information and registration questions from within App Builder by directly linking them to those pages to get the filters set up. 


    Intelligent Visibility for 'Schedule Appointment' card on Home Screen 

    The 'Schedule Appointment' card on the Attendee Hub home screen will only show for attendees who have permission to schedule at least one Appointment Type, based off the Schedule Rules you configured during event set up. This helps ensure you providing relevant content to attendees, allowing them to get the most value out of their event experience. 


    Join Session Enhancements 

    The Join session button will display in a disabled state until 5 minutes before the session starts, then the join session button will be enabled for attendees. A Banner will also be added to the session details page to provide more context and confirm attendees are in the correct place. 

    Multi-Language Attendee Name Field Update 

    Attendee Name fields will now be adjusted according to the Event Language. On the Attendee Hub Web login page, the Last Name field will be displayed before than First Name for events created in the following languages: 

    • Chinese (Simplified) 
    • Chinese (Traditional) 
    • Japanese 
    • Korean 
    • Vietnamese 
    • Hungarian 


    Cvent Video Center 


    Video Center 

    Video Center is a new product that will enable you to highlight your best video content from past and promote future events all in one place. It is a powerful way to help attendees discover your next events and maintain continual engagement throughout the year. It also includes: 

    • On demand video playback including subtitles and audio files 
    • Manage videos from Video Library - no need to upload the same file multiple times 
    • Organization with video channels and sub-groups 
    • Page banners for featuring content and external URLs 
    • Choose custom color themes 





    Hiding Sessions 

    You will no longer see empty widgets for Sessions if there are no visible items or selections to be made based on visibility rules configured. If no sessions are available for a given registrant, the entire widget will be hidden.


    Registration questions as widget visibility logic criteria 

    When using widget visibility logic for a text or contact field, you can now use answers to registration questions when limiting who should see the widget based on registrant criteria.   

    Payment credits for partial payments 

    Registrants can now use payment credits when completing a partial payment for an event.  
    Anchor links  

    Add an anchor link widget to event website pages that will send visitors to another widget on the same page.  This is a great way to direct site visitors to a specific place on longer website pages.

    reCAPTCHA setting within the Identity Confirmation widget 

    You can now enable reCAPTCHA as a part of the Identity Confirmation widget to prevent bots from attempting to register for your event. The CAPTCHA detects bot behavior automatically and does not require any verification action to be taken by registrants.
    Link logic for custom contact fields 

    Choose which answers an attendee can see for a registration question based on how they answered a custom contact field. 
    Charge a registrant's card on file 

    You can now charge a registrant's credit card on file when processing an online payment. 


    Auto select hotel and room in Hotel Request widget 

    The hotel request widget will now pre-select and expand the hotel and/or room if only one hotel or room is available. There will be no change in the behavior if there are more than one hotel or room available.  



    American Express Plastic Card Integration in the New Budget 

    The New Budget module is now supporting American Express plastic card flows. You will be able to attach a plastic Amex corporate meeting card to your Budget event and then reconcile plastic card transactions with respective budget line items. 


    Corporate Meeting Payment Solutions from American Express in New Budget 

    American Express can now be a virtual card in New Budget. The new Amex APIs expand the virtual meeting corporate card integration to global markets 


    Virtual Card Integration - Currency conversion flow enhancement in New Budget 
    New currency conversion flow allows you to convert virtual/plastic card transaction amounts into the currency of the respective budget item. 

    Card Management Notification Delivery 

    You can now run a report from Admin > Reports > Event Audit Reports > Card Management Notification Delivery. The report returns a list of card notifications sent along with related information: 

    • Send Status 
    • Notification recipient 
    • Date Sent 
    • Card details 


    New Budget Policies 

    You can now apply a Cost Threshold, Budget Lock, and Blank Cost Policies to the New Budget module in a redesigned interface for submitting disposition codes and unlocking the budget through approvals. 


    New Budget Creation for Workflow Created Events 

    You will now have the option to start using New Budget from a No Registration Required/Limited Feature Event or an event that is initiated from a Meeting Request Form through workflow configurations. 


    New Budget Versions 

    When creating a new Budget version in New Budget, you can now set the newly created version as the new default Budget, choose to copy items and their cost values or only the items, select the default currency of the version, and you can add notes and descriptions to the version. Additionally, you can also create a new Budget Version from a previous version, an existing Budget template, or manually and start from scratch.  


    Transaction Matching: Validating Budget Policy violation 

    When reconciling transactions, you will now be asked to enter a valid disposition code before you are able to match your card transaction with budget line item(s) in case the account has an active budget policy in place that is getting violated. 

    Transaction Matching: Tax Breakdown for New Budget 

    When reconciling transactions and matching card transactions with the corresponding budget line items, you will be able to separate the amount spent and the tax amount. Once the transaction has been matched, both the amount spent and the tax amount will feed back into the event's budget and update the corresponding rows on the budget item details page. 



    Access Portal 


    Strict Sourcing Policy Validation 

    Cvent account admins can now enable strict validation for their sourcing policies for the Instant Book and Simple RFP workflows. This offers you the ability to strictly validate sourcing policy compliance and gives you the peace of mind that your Access Portal users will always source within established guidelines. 


    Meeting Request Form 


    Meeting Request Form and Vendor Marketplace Integration 

    This integration between Meeting Request Form (MRF) and Vendor Marketplace will allow planners to initiate multiple Vendor RFIs from a meeting request, wherein all the Vendor RFI form information will be pulled in from the MRF. This will help achieve a centralized process and increase Vendor RFI usage in the Cvent ecosystem. 





    Lead Capture D2E Packages 

    You now have access to new D2E packages, which have been introduced within the admin portal. Each package will allow users to turn certain features on/off independently as needed. With this comes new pricing for D2E purchases for both App licenses and Device Rentals.   


    Exhibitor Management 


    Exhibitor Portal Navigation Updates 

    The Exhibitor Portal has been redesigned and the navigation updated in an effort to make the exhibitor portal more scalable and responsive .There will also be a new login flow that directs the Exhibitor Admins to the switch events page. This will help you navigate to the event you want to manage and prevent confusion about which event is being managed. 




    Session Terms & Conditions 

    OnArrival will now support multiple terms and questions at the event, and session level - and support for assigning T&C questions to specific registration types and/or sessions. The existing OnArrival Terms & Conditions report will allow you to view responses for both event and session level terms & conditions questions. 

    Kiosk Closed 

    This allows for the ability to display default or customized "closed" message in kiosk mode when kiosk is not being used. This feature is accessed via tapping "Mark Kiosk as Closed" in the kiosk admin panel. 



    New Homepage Preview

    We have added a "Try new homepage" button where you can preview the new homepage that is coming in early 2023.  This new homepage makes managing events easier and more efficient by providing: 

    • Improved analytics 
    • Redesigned event-creation process 
    • Advanced event search 


    You now have several new reports, with improved filtering, customization, and better exports. These include: 

    • Cross Event Summary 
    • Event Activity 
    • Campaign 
    • Agent Productivity 

    Event Setup
    You now have a better inventory page, with less scrolling and more visible dates. For your event or sub-block group planners, we have completely updated 8+ Smart Alerts/Updates with a modern design, better logos, and clearer information.


    Diagramming and Seating (Previously Social Tables) 


    Multi-Attendee List 

    You can now add one Attendee List per diagram instead of one per event. 


    Floor Plan Finder Images 

    Property images will now be displayed on the searched and saved venue results in Floor Plan Finder. 


    Session Length (minutes) Enhancement 

    Within Admin, we have updated the Session Length (minutes) workflow by modifying login to respect admin settings for custom session timeout. If no custom session timeout is set, it will respect the default configuration settings.   


    Collapsible Individual Favorites Sections 

    Clicking the ▶ icon next to the Favorites header now allows users to collapse or expand individual favorites sections (Team Favorites or My Favorites).   



    REST API Enhancements

    You can now Create/Copy/Update event and Add/Remove Features in an existing event using REST APIs. 



    Survey Custom Fields

    You will now be able to add survey custom fields during the survey creation workflow. It will allow you to provide/tag additional info around the survey details which will help you in various filters/workflows across the Survey product. The following field types are supported in the custom fields: 

    • Open Ended Text 
    • Choice – Single Answer 
    • Choice – Multiple Answer 


    New Report: Expanded Answer Details for All Respondents 

    The report will allow you to view the questions and choices in a unique pair. The report will create unique questions for each of the respective choices/categories in the question and list the same in the grid. 

    New Export Format: SPSS 

    A new export format has been added for the following reports as a custom action: 
    1. Answer details by respondent (One respondent per row) 
    2. Expanded Answer Details for All Respondents 


    Assessment Info Page 

    You will now be able to provide additional information around an assessment survey. You can toggle ON the info page, so the attendees have a high-level information for the given assessment. The info page can include the following: 

    • Pass score 
    • Maximum score 
    • Number of questions 
    • Your number of attempts 
    • Total attempts 


    Unlimited Attempts for Assessment Surveys 

    You can now allow the respondents to re-take the assessments an unlimited number of times. With the enhanced workflow the respondents will now be able to improve their score upon passing the assessment and receive credits/certificates. 



    Cvent Supplier Network 


    RFP History (Download only) 

    When sending RFPs, you will now be able to track the history of that request so you have a complete picture of the RFP's lifecycle as well as who is receiving or taking action on an RFP. 


    Localization of Image Gallery 

    The new enhanced media gallery now offers localized content for the images you use when sourcing for venues from different parts of the world. 


    Localized Ads on CSN Search and RFPs 

    We have now extended localization to include ads that are displayed on Search and RFPs to allow our international planners to source venues for their events. 


    Vendor RFI Attachments 

    You will be able to send files to vendors while initiating a vendor RFI. These files will be attached to the email that is sent to the vendors. These files will be secured and lead catchers on the vendor's end will have to authenticate themselves to access these attachments. You can view these shared files in the RFI project management screen. 


    RFP Settings Enhancements 

    We have added RFP Settings to let you take more control over your RFPs. You can now let venues forward your RFP to other venues.  Also, we have moved the "Receive email notifications on proposal updates" from the RFP form to this new RFP Settings section. RFP Settings can be managed on the RFP Send Wizard or by using the left navigation on the RFP. 


    Multimedia Widget 

    New enhanced media gallery now moves up to the top of the page, combining the photos and videos available today, and adding photo realistic 3D meeting room floor plans. 

    Bulk Delete in RFP Wizard 

    You will now see a new option to delete multiple questions while creating an RFP. You will be presented with a confirmation message with the number of questions to be deleted before confirming. 


    Create RFP First and Launch Later 

    Users of the Redesigned CSN, you can now create a new RFP first by clicking on the 'Create RFP' button and launch it later. This will help if you don't have all the RFP information at a single time and wants to save it and add venues to it. 

    Custom Questions: Add to Library/Bulk Options/Search within Library 

    We have enhanced the abilities of our Custom Questions offering by adding introducing bulk actions like Remove and Add to Library. Using Add to Library, you can now save back the questions in your Questions Folders to use on future RFPs. 

    Pricing Preferences 

    You planners can now share your preferences on certain pricing items. You can express the ones that are required versus the optional ones. This feature is a paid feature and is not available for our free customers. 


    Guest RFP Logic 

    With this release, we have changed the logic to create those Guest RFPs in the generic Guest account. If users sign up for their account, the RFP will also move to the new RFP experience so they can experience sourcing in an end-to-end localized experience.




    eMarketing New Email Editor 

    We are happy to announce our new email editor for eMarketing. You will now be able to create emails using the new email editor. In the new editor, there can be addition of widgets with a simple drag and drop. 


    Appointments API Updates

    You can use the API Update Appointments to update details of existing appointments in your event. We are excited because with this release, you can now fully manage their appointments program via API. 

    Suppress Notifications Parameter 

    You can apply the Suppress Notifications parameter hand in hand with the APIs to Create, Update, and Cancel appointments to prevent attendees from receiving email and notification alerts about the changes. 


    List Appointment Types 

    You can use the API List Locations to retrieve a complete list of locations created in your event to understand where you can book appointments. 

    List Locations 

     You can use the API List Appointment Types to retrieve a complete list of Appointment types created in your event to understand what is available for scheduling. 



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