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  • 1.  Scheduled Email didn't send

    Posted 24 days ago
    One of my scheduled emails didn't send yesterday.

    The email was scheduled to go to 'accepted registrants' and I've used the 'Advance Filters' to segment the list.

    One email to online delegates did send successfully. The other email to in-person delegates did not send.

    I now urgently need to get the in person email to delegates.

    my question is - if I send manually will the email go to the 'accepted registrants' and my segmented data in 'Advance Filters'. It's very unclear and looks like it will send 'all contact groups' --> which looks like all of the delegates from every year we've run our event.

    any clarification on this would be really useful.

    many thanks

    Beck Grace
    Australian Performing Arts Centres Association (APACA)Australia

  • 2.  RE: Scheduled Email didn't send

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Beck,

    Hope you are well!

    To check the email deliverablility you can go to Reports> Email Details report. 
    You can run the 'Email Details' report to check if the emails were delivered or not.

    You can send the email manually again, and follow these steps- 

    Individually select the recipients. Select an invitation list, if necessary. Type a registrant's name into the search bar or select who will receive this email by checking the box next to their name.

    Or search for specific criteria. To the right of the search bar, clickAdvanced Search. Don't want to spam people? Switch "Only include invitees who have not received this email in the last 6 months" toYes. Fill in any other criteria, such as company, email address, registration type, invitee status, participant status, or contact group.

    Add Advanced filters to further define your search. If you use more than one filter, switch betweenAndorOrto determine whether this question will display whenallcriteria is met or only a single condition applies. In the example below, only members with a full conference pass will be returned in your search. 

    NOTE: Filtering by registration type and registration path for your event? Ensure the type is associated to the path if you're combining filters. Otherwise, click Or to search for one or the other.

    However, for detailed assistance, I would suggest you to contact the Client Support on 1-866-318-4357 - Option 1 or submit a case from the 'Community' section.

    VJ Singh
    People Leader, Quality Team

    VJ Singh
    New Cvent Internal TestUnited States