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  • 1.  Session Bundles and Session Groups

    Posted 04-03-2024 14:38

    We separate our agenda list by Session Groups to make it easier for our registrants to find their classes.

    This year we have a 6 hour sessions that is split across two days, spanning 4 actual available class periods.

    If I use a Session Bundle in addition to the Session Groups, the Select Button does not work in the bundle. If I use a Session Group for just these two classes, I cannot choose both without setting the entire agenda list so that users can pick multiple classes in the same time slot.

    If it were not for the fact that there is are 2 other class time slots between the two sessions, I could simply create a session that starts the first morning and ends the second morning.  But there is a chance that a registrant may want  a class in one of the overlapped time slots.

    Any thoughts on how to make this work?



    Jenn Camacho
    Registration Admin
    DFW Fiber FestUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Session Bundles and Session Groups

    Posted 04-15-2024 14:26

    Hi Jenn,

    Due to the complicated nature of the setup you're looking to accomplish, I would reach out to your account team to setup a call with a Cvent product expert to help guide you through your options.

    Carl Robinson
    Senior Solutions Specialist