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  • 1.  Session selection

    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi, I am setting- up an event which is made of 2 sessions. Registrants have to select at least one to make their registration valid. They can select both sessions if they want. How do I make it mandatory that they select at least one session before they submit their registration?
    Thank you, Laurianne

    Laurianne Kandalaft
    Marketing Manager

  • 2.  RE: Session selection

    Posted 19 days ago
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    Go to the admission item that they are associated with and set it from there. 

    Registration > Admission Item > Advanced Settings

    Make sure they are both associated with the admission item and right under that section is the 'Rules for Optional Sessions' section. Select a minimum of 1. You could also set a maximum of 2 if you wanted but it's not necessary since there are only two options to begin with. If you only wanted them to be able to select 1 of the sessions, then you'd set both the min and max to 1.

    Sara Shidal
    Computer Services, Inc