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  • 1.  Speaker Presentation Too Large

    Posted 06-13-2022 10:07
    I have a speaker presentation that is 22MB so it cannot be uploaded to the speaker resource center.  Any suggestions?  It's a powerpoint presentation, so I'm not sure how to reduce the size or split it into two presentations.

    Carolee Schmidt
    Operations Specialist
    Procedure Professionals AssociationUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Speaker Presentation Too Large

    Posted 06-13-2022 12:24
    Carolee - Has your speaker tried to upload the file? The default limit is 250MB, so 22MB is well under the maximum file size allowed. 


    Krysten Bennett
    Communications & Technology Director
    Ohio Veterinary Medical AssociationUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Speaker Presentation Too Large

    Posted 06-13-2022 12:54
    In my experience, PowerPoint uploads are limited to 10mb. We are sometimes successful in using the 'optimize' feature in PowerPoint to shrink the size below 10mb.  When not successful, I send it to my graphics design partner firm and they are able to shrink it below 10 mb.  

  • 4.  RE: Speaker Presentation Too Large

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-16-2022 10:53
    Hi Carolee,

    The Speaker Resource Center allows file uploads of up to 250 MB including Power Point presentations.

    Please feel free to contact support if you're facing any issues with the upload.

    Megan Clark
    Assistant Team Lead, Online Community Marketing