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  • 1.  Targeted Marketing?

    Posted 06-02-2023 16:01

    I am looking to do targeted marketing of different types of events to different constituents, based on programs that they've engaged with in the past. Is there a way to tag events with a "type" (ex. "Educational", "Social", "Mentorship", "Networking") and then pull event attendees of a certain "type" to target market future programs?


    Cate Liverman
    Director-Constituent Relations
    UVA Medical Alumni Association and Medical School FoundationUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Targeted Marketing?

    Posted 06-05-2023 13:11

    Hi Cate,

    You can create custom event fields for this which would appear in the creation process of an event. The article below outlines how to create custom event fields and how to fill them out when creating an event.

    Once these are created, you can run a cross-event report  and bring in the event custom field, to see what attendees reigstered for each event. 

    Thank you! 

    Erica Kennedy
    Senior Client Success Manager