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  • 1.  Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-06-2022 06:52

    Hey all the lovely Community Champions! Time to kickstart the next edition of the Tip of the Week discussion! 


    With Cvent, venue sourcing solutions allow you to manage bids, determine availability, quickly build eRFPs, track meeting spend, and seamlessly integrate your venue sourcing into your organization’s meeting and event management process. The possibilities are just endless!  


    Today, let’s talk about quick tips to create tempting profiles on the Cvent Supplier Network. These tips will surely help you maximize visibility and get more business!  


    A great profile can attract more planners!  

    • The more complete your profile, the more planners will see it. Get your venue in front of as many eyes as possible by looking up your listing below and learning about all the features and functionality available in your account.  
    • Complimentary Listing: Ensure your facility details are correct, up-to-date, and every amenity is checked off so your venue shows up in the correct search filters. Upload an exterior image or a lobby shot for the Main Image if you have one better than the default. Add YouTube videos to provide a full audio-visual experience of your venue. Finally, list all possible meeting room combinations. 
    • 1 Diamond Listing: In addition to the tips above, show off your venue with up to 10 images, and sell each space with a short description. Highlight a variety of nearby attractions to market your location to planners unfamiliar with the area. And if you add the dates you need to fill, planners can find you faster when searching by date. Pack in even more detail by attaching floorplans, menus, brochures, and more. You can also use Venue Reports to learn how to attract even more business. 
    • 2 Diamond Listing: Make it clear you're the best deal in town by adding your venue's offers and seasonal deals. Link to your Facebook page and Twitter account and list your meeting room dimensions, setups, and capacities. You’ll have access to all the features outlined above plus room for 15 images. 
    • 3 and 4 Diamond Listings: Maximize exposure with an ad. Just upload an ad image and brief description of your venue. The ad will appear at the top of search results in the relevant metro area. This cannot be filtered out or removed. You’ll also be able to upload even more images, 30 for 3 diamond listings and 50 for 4 diamond listings. Not only that but you'll have access to all the features outlined above. 


    Question for you: 

    • Which listing have you used for your CSN profile and how has it made a difference to your business? 
    • What additional tips do you suggest for making profiles on CSN?  


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    We would love to hear about your experiences with CSN in the comments below! #CventTip


    Ridhima Krishan
    Sr. Associate, Customer Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-12-2022 16:47
    I'm on the event planner site, so I don't have answers for this week's questions. However, it reminded me that I need to use Cvent sourcing for an event with my car club. I would love to find the right venue through Cvent and show our Cvent venue clients a little love!

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Operations Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.United States

  • 3.  RE: Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-14-2022 11:10
    I'm not on the CSN side, so I don't have answers but as a user can say give us as much detail about what makes your venue unique. We're always looking for that gem place and spots that have high opportunities for activities for our guest (spa on site we can buy out, lots of culture in the area) so anything you can highlight the more we look into you!


  • 4.  RE: Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-21-2022 09:10
    Edited by Kameron Kidd 01-18-2024 14:05
    Here are a few things I want to see when choosing hotels for an RFP:
    • Multiple hotel room photos
    • Fitness center photos
    • Proximity to airport and downtown area
    • Number of different types of rooms
    • Awards or recognitions
    It is also helpful to see when a hotel has done recent renovations.

    Meghan Payne
    Travel and Events Coordinator
    Corning Incorporated

  • 5.  RE: Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-22-2022 10:20
    • Which listing have you used for your CSN profile and how has it made a difference to your business? CSN profile is where are all the difference is made for hotels.  Hotels are able to change in real time anything on the hotels profile.  The information on your profile needs to be accurate, complete and relative information for planners to be able to fully understand what your hotels benefits and features are.  Hotels are also able to communicate value to planners through need/value dates and promotions.  My belief is there isn't ever to much information in your CSN profile.  
    • What additional tips do you suggest for making profiles on CSN?  One best practice is to view your profile at least 2 times a month to ensure that the content is appropriate, relative and appealing to planners.  The more information you provide the better the hotel/venue is positioned and converting leads into definite business. 


    Colleen Beck
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    The Westin Tampa Bay

  • 6.  RE: Tips to make your CSN profiles tempting

    Posted 07-29-2022 09:21
    I'm on the user side, but I echo other comments. Pictures of the unique places within the property - but also the useful places, fitness center, spa, outdoor function space. It's also good to highlight local attractions that are unique.

    Beth Vriesen
    Events Registration Admin
    Associated Bank Corporation