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Training Tuesday - Certification of the month

  • 1.  Training Tuesday - Certification of the month

    Posted 03-05-2024 09:30

    Hey Everyone!

    We are back again with another Training Tuesday post and it is time for you to get ready to support your organization's strategic meetings management program!

    Stay ahead in our ever-evolving landscape with our Certification of the monthCvent Account Administrator Certification.

    Acquire a deep understanding of how to configure account and user permission settings to support your organization's evolving event programs.

    Who is this certification for, you ask - Tailored specifically for Cvent administrators, this course is designed to highlight their expertise in effectively managing configurations and user permissions in support of their organization's strategic meetings management program.

    Take the Cvent account administrator certification today and take your event game to the next level!

    Get Certified Now!





    Siddharth Sharma
    Assistant Team Lead
    Cvent Academy | Customer Marketing