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  • 1.  Unique URL for registering for Sessions

    Posted 09-09-2022 08:02
    Hi All, 

    I have an event with around 10 different sessions my guests can register for. 
    Question is, am I able to create unique urls where I can send the specified groups to certain participants for registration?

    For example, 
    Sessions 1 to 3  is only viewable by Profile A Participants. 
    Sessions 4 to 10 only viewable by Profile B Participants.

    This may enhance the user experience, reducing the need to search through and finding the correct session to register. 

    Thank you!

    Senior Manager
    Singapore Management University

  • 2.  RE: Unique URL for registering for Sessions

    Community MVP
    Posted 09-09-2022 12:50
    Just thinking off the top of my head, and take that with a grain of salt...

    You can create multiple weblinks each using a different registration path.
    Each registration path would use it's own reg type.

    I have a registration for 3 car clubs all wrapped up in one.
    Each registration path is unique to that club.

    For reg types, you would need to limit which sessions the profile can register for.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America