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  • 1.  Use a QR code for photographer

    Posted 02-16-2024 18:03

    Hoping the savvy community out there can brainstorm with me.  Or maybe you have done this with success!  TIA for your thoughts.

    Working on an Incentive Program.  During our formal awards night we always take photos of our attendees and their guest.  What we need to know is who the attendee is in the photo.  In the past we've either stationed a staff person to write down their names, or other times we've created a type of 'place card' they hold on the first image, then the photographer takes a couple more shots after that.  I'm sure there are other ways of doing this as it's not an uncommon happening on events.

    Is there a way to utilize the Attendee Hub App QR code to gather the information instead?  I could create a 'session' that does not appear on agendas.  Then using the Cvent OnArrival app, scan each person's QR code that would be displayed under their Profile section of the App?  After syncing we would have a report of each attendee and the date/time stamp they were scanned - thus the same order they would appear for the photographer.   We had not planned on using OnArrival for anything else, as it is an Incentive Program - no traditional conference badges or breakout sessions - this would be the only use onsite.


    Michele Runge
    Program Manager, Housing
    HPN GlobalUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Use a QR code for photographer

    Posted 02-19-2024 09:16

    Hey Michele, 

    Another option for how to do this would be to use exhibitor management. (This will have a small cost to do it this was) and use Lead Capture license to gather the data. Then you would even gather more information. So, the attendee walks up, the photographer scans their QR code, and they "submit" that information and it shows up in a report under the exhibitor portal. It's basically the same thing as a session so, may not make sense to have it as a separate report/cost unless your photographer is an external person and would need to access the report directly. (Even then, you would set them up under the reporting portal and create a photography session and a report with just that sessions data for the photographer.). 

    Michael Rummage
    Director, Events and Special Projects
    QuilityUnited States