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Weekly Product Release Notes - December 1, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - December 1, 2022

    Posted 12-01-2022 09:47
    Happy December! We missed you last week but we're back with many exciting new updates to #Registration, #EventBudgeting, and #SupplierNetwork



    Allow Questions to be used as Visibility Logic Criteria

    You will now be able to use answers to registration questions as a logic criteria to show or hide text widgets, contact fields, and registration questions. This will replace the ability to create a text widget as a sub-question and will allow you to create sub-questions of sub-questions

    Spend & Workflow

    New Budget Versions

    You now have the ability to choose a new budget version as the default when it is being created. You can create a new version by importing. Additionally, when creating a new budget you can choose to copy times and their costs or just the items, select a currency, and add notes and descriptions to the version.

    Budget Policies

    You can now apply a Cost Threshold, Budget Lock, and Blank Cost Policies to New Budget.


    New Budget Creation

    You will now have the option to start using New Budget from a No Registration Required/Limited Feature Event.

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Localization of Image Gallery

    The new enhanced media gallery now offers localized content for the images you use when sourcing for venues from different parts of the world.


    Localized Ads on CSN Search and RFPs

    We have now extended localization to include ads that are displayed on Search and RFPs to allow our international planners to source venues for their events.


    Vendor RFI Attachments

    You will be able to send files to vendors while initiating a vendor RFI. These files will be attached to the email that is sent to the vendors. These files will be secured and lead catchers on the vendor's end will have to authenticate themselves to access these attachments. You can view these shared files in the RFI project management screen.



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