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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 12, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 12, 2023

    Posted 01-12-2023 12:50
    Happy Thursday, hope you all are ready for these new releases to #AttendeeHub, #AccessPortal, #Surveys, and #SupplierNetwork



    Attendee Hub

    Multilingual Session Search

    Attendees can now use session search as per their selection of language on Attendee Hub Web and Event App.


    Featured Discussion on the Web

    This release includes the ability to display a chosen Featured Discussion on the web.

    Access Portal


    Improved data security for Event reports within Access Portal

    For data security purposes, we now require Account Users to have Event Visibility for that event in order to run an Event report published to them in Access Portal.

    Account Users without event visibility for the associated event will not be able to run event reports within Access Portal and the "Run" button will be disabled with a message to contact their administrator. This prevents Account Users from being able to access event data that they should not have access to.

    Additionally, for Cross-Event reports, Account Users will be able to run these reports within Access Portal; however, the report will be filtered to only show event data for the events they have visibility to.


    Looped choices in advance filters in survey designer

    You will be able to define question and chapter visibility logics using the looped choices instance. The looped choice will be listed in the advance filters of visibility logic as a unique entry for each looped instance.


    Anonymous event survey

    You will be able to create anonymous feedback surveys. You can distribute the survey invitation to the attendees in your invitation list and, once the attendee's answer the survey their response will be made anonymous.


    Timed assessment

    You can now configure a timer for the assessment so the respondents will have to submit the assessment in the given time. The survey will auto submit upon completion of the timer and the response will be captured and saved.


    Bridge data tags for standalone surveys

    You will be able to use the data tags to allow the respondents to navigate from the existing survey to a different survey directly. This should help improve the overall completion rate by maintaining a continuity between multiple surveys.


    Number allocation question

    You will be able to add a new question type to the survey. It will allow the respondents to enter whole numbers against the question's choices and the input should be equal the total defined by the planner for the question.


    Order of matrix rating question

    You will be able to define if the choices of the matrix rating question should be "High to Low" or "Low to High".


    Printable Survey

    The printable survey report has been enhanced to support the following:

    • Survey logics applied on the designer
    • ID Configuration page
    • Welcome page
    • Text widget
    • Required label for the questions

    Supplier Network

    RFP Decline Venue Status

    You will be able to Retract the Decline Venue to Submit Proposal Status from Ellipses or View Proposal Page.



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