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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 19, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 19, 2023

    Posted 01-19-2023 14:35
    This might be a short week for us (and hopefully you too) but we are not short on delivering new updates to #AttendeeHub, #Appointments, #Registration, and #OnArrival!



    Attendee Hub

    Updated Speaker Display on Web Session Details Page

    Speaker information on the Session Details page will now display using the same speaker cards from the speaker list.

    Improved Web Speaker List Search

    Attendees no longer need to know a speaker's full first OR full last name to perform a search on the speaker list. Instead, the search will now start to filter out speakers based on a simple 3 character, starts with, name entry.


    On-Demand Obfuscation REST API

    You can now request a contact be obfuscated on-demand versus waiting for the standard rolling obfuscation run over the weekend.

    The new API will allow you to integrate obfuscating Cvent data into your standard data privacy request workflow. When you receive a request to be forgotten, you can automate the handling of data in Cvent as part of the larger request to be forgotten across all of your systems.


    Create & Update Appointments via Import

    Create new and update existing appointments via file import by accessing a brand-new menu option to 'Import Appointments' within your Appointments event. This was built to save hours of time setting up and managing appointments on behalf of attendees.


    Session Walk-in Settings for Android Devices

    You can now fill a session to capacity if enrolled attendees no show, define walk-in rules and settings globally at the session level, and determine which reg types can walk-in to specific sessions and when to allow for walk-ins (i.e. 5 minutes before a sessions start time).


    Here Now in Location report

    For RFID events, this report allows you to select one or more locations and then see what attendees have been at a given Location at a given time. When running the report, the date/time defaults to the current time to see a live view of which attendees are in the room.



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