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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 2, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 2, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-02-2022 13:31
    Edited by Cvent Product News 06-10-2022 12:06
    Want to relax on a summer Friday? All our new product enhancements are here to help make things easier. Check out this week's releases for #Event(Flex), #EventDiagramming, #CventSupplierNetwork, and Integrations



    Widget Visibility Logic - Text Widgets, Contact Fields, and Custom Contact Fields

    You will be able to apply visibility logic to text widgets and contact fields in order to hide or show them based on:

    • the agenda items an attendee selects
    • a registrant specific field
    • a travel condition

    This release will allow you to decrease the prevalence and the need for multiple registration paths for differing instructional text or field collection - Registration Paths will still be applicable under circumstances where differing payment options are possible, different travel options, or completely different experiences are desired.

    Hotel Request Opt Out

    Hotel Request widget will display new options so that Invitees will be able to select whether they would like to place a hotel request or not. The hotel/room selection will be enabled to invitees only after they choose to place a request.

    Note: The update on the widget will be applicable only to the events created after the release.

    You will also be able to view this information in reports in order to find the invitees who opted out from placing a hotel request. The information will be visible as a new column called "Book their own accommodation" in the reports.


    Image Editor in Site Designer

    You will now be able to edit images in the site designer when creating Registration experiences and Event Websites without having to adjust, resize, or crop and then re-add. Images will be able to be saved as a new version rather than overwriting the other versions of the image.


    Cvent App on Zapier Marketplace

    Zapier is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that allows the connection of more than 4,000 apps to automate workflows. The new Cvent connector on Zapier platform extends Cvent connectivity into multiple systems through the following capabilities:

    • Access data for Cvent contact, events, and attendees
    • Get notifications based on attendee's interactions via activities triggers
    • Create/Update contact and invitees in Cvent

    Diagramming and Seating

    Event Registration Guest Grouping

    With this release when "Guest Of (Primary Registrant)" is selected as the method for grouping, a group will be created that includes the Primary Registrant and any guests. Additional guests that are added after initial import will also be added to the pre-existing group on refresh. 

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Browse Vendors Workflow

    We have added a new section on the Vendor Marketplace homepage which will allow you to first browse the available vendor categories and vendors in our inventory with just providing the location.
    You can even go with "no location preference" option. You will land on the vendor categories selection and will be able to check out vendors for the categories you select. All of this, without filling out an RFI form.

    You still have an option to initiate an RFI from any screen in the wizard by clicking on the "Start new request" ribbon present on top. This option is only when you enter Vendor Marketplace through browse first workflow. Post selecting the categories and vendors, you can then initiate an RFI to the chosen vendors via an RFI form at the end of the vendor selection step in the wizard.



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