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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 23, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 23, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-23-2022 10:09
    Edited by Cvent Product News 06-30-2022 09:43
    The summer solstice happened this week and brought us new releases for #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #CventSupplierNetwork, and #EventDiagramming.


    Attendee Hub

    Game: Flexible Start Date

    This feature allows you to update the Start Date of any existing Game, even if that date has already passed (previously this action was locked down for any game in a "Live" status).

    Changing the Start Date will now trigger a recalculation of points and leaderboard rankings depending on the new date range of the game. You can move this date either into the future or into the past - this functionality gives you additional flexibility when configuring the game to ensure that it captures points during the appropriate date range.



    Enhanced Session Viewing Experience

    When watching a session virtually, attendees will have a new immersive interface that increases that attendee focus on the video content while using interactivity to allow attendees to access additional information about the session including the session description and speakers without leaving the video content itself.

    Depreciation of Time zone Toggle for Attendee Website

    The time zone toggle will no longer be available from the All Sessions or the Upcoming Events page. Instead, attendees will manage their time zone viewing preference from the new settings page accessibility from the profile avatar in the main navigation. The time zone preference selected by the attendee will be saved via a cookie so that they no longer need to update this per website visit or page refresh, assuming they have not cleared their browser cookies.

    Interactive floor plans (Phase-2)

    Currently, you are able to pin session and other location on the floor plan image. We have now added support for additional features such as:

    • Multi-floor plan support
    • Pinning exhibitor locations
    • Filtering pins based on type (session, exhibitor and other) on app builder and in the app

    Mobile Text Discussions

    Attendees will now have the ability to interact with text discussions through the app. This makes it easier for hybrid or in person attendees to be involved in their events' discussions when they do not have a laptop available. Therefore, helping users connect with one another and interact with others on a shared topic on the go.


    Partial payments are now supported with the Hop processor

    We are adding the support of partial payments with Hop payment processors on both registration & post-registration payment widget. You can accept the payments using the supported 5 different Hop processors, which can be configured in the site designer. These processors will be disabled in Test Mode.

    Diagramming & Seating

    Standard Catalog Additions

    Sofa, Love Seat, Ottoman, Bench, Heat Lamp, ColumnColumn, Rectangle Column, Uplight, Fan Palm, Cactus, Fern, Coral Plant have been added to the Catalog.

    Updated Linens

    Linens for classroom, rounds and high tops have been updated for a cleaner look


    Cvent Onsite Solutions Custom Catalog

    A custom catalog for Cvent Onsite Solutions has been added under Diagram Rental Catalogs.
    This catalog contains the following objects:

    • Badge Printer - Direct Thermal Transfer
    • Badge Printer - On Demand Color Paper
    • Badge Printer - Large Format PVC
    • Badge Printer - Small Format PVC
    • iPad Desk Stand - Stylish Aluminum
    • iPad Desk Stand - White, iPad Floor Stand
    • Registration Desk

    Cvent Supplier Netowrk

    Vendor RFI in Event Container

    After creating an event, you can add the "Vendors" feature now available in the Event Features tab and send an RFI to the Vendor or have a Draft RFI linked until you need it.  For quick navigation between both the products, linked Event and linked Vendor RFI (it can be a draft OR an active RFI) will be visible on RFIs project management screen and on the linked Event's home screen respectively.


    Category Selection Screen Re-design

    The vendor category selection is now more user-friendly with compact, and interactive features like image zoom on hovering over the card along with displaying all the sub-category information regarding the vendor category.




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