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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 24, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 24, 2023

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 03-24-2023 10:13
    Edited by Cvent Product News 03-24-2023 10:22

    Check out this week's Elite 8 of product updates to #AttendeeHub #Appointments #OnArrival #Budget #MeetingsManagement #SupplierNetwork



    Attendee Hub

    Single Sign On Support per Registration Path for Event App

    If you want your attendees to login to Attendee Hub via different methods in the same event. You are now able to determine which attendees will be able to login/access Attendee Hub via SSO rather than typical login codes based on Registration Path.

    Auto Join Session Chat

    The Chat icon in the panel will automatically load the session chat conversation once attendees click to join session chat.


    Import Notification & Email Settings

    We have introduced a new step in the appointments import wizard where you can indicate whether or not you want attendees to receive related notifications and emails about the appointments being imported. We are excited to give you more control around event communications and help ensure attendees are receiving meaningful alerts regarding the event.


    Duration Support for Classic Sessions in OnArrival

    We have added support for calculating duration for classic sessions. Attendees with just one check-in will have their duration calculated as check-in until end time. Attendees with a check-in and check-out will have their duration calculated as checked-in until check-out. Duration Tracking has been renamed to "Multi Check-in and checkout".


    RFP Budget Items are now supported in New Budget

    Budget Items created in the RFP will now show in New Budget as items that were created from the source of the RFP. These budget items show within the budget item grid so you can eliminate duplicate entry of budget items if using the RFP Budget along with the Event Budget.

    Meetings Management

    Vendor Marketplace and Meeting Request Form Integration

    You can now simply click the Create RFI button on the Meeting Requests screen and initiate a Vendor RFI requests to multiple vendors in Vendor Marketplace.

    Supplier Network

    Improved RFP form

    We have improved the RFP form with some exciting new features, including the ability to add alternate dates. If you are not set on specific days, you can opt for a date pattern instead. Other new features include:

    ·       Agenda items grouped by day and sorted by time

    ·       Additional meeting room requests

    ·       Occupancy per room type

    ·       Additional key contact and host organization contact information

    ·       Similar events hosted in the past

    ·       Budget and Billing details

    ·       Internal Reference ID

    Send Message and Message History

    There is a new section within your RFP dedicated to sending and viewing recent messages. Now you can view messages included when the RFP was sent to the suppliers and NSOs and
    choose to send an individual message to certain suppliers, proposal key contacts, assignees, or NSOs.



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