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Weekly Product Release Notes - May 25, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - May 25, 2023

    Posted 05-25-2023 09:51

    Prep for a long weekend by staying ahead of all our releases to #Appointments #Surveys #MeetingsManagement #Integrations 





    Exhibitor Administrator Control for Exhibitor Networking Appointments

    Exhibitor Administrators now have full control to edit, swap current host, accept, and decline Exhibitor Networking appointments on behalf of their booth staff when logged in to the Appointment Calendar in the Exhibitor Admin Portal.



    Pass assessments based on number of correct answers

    You can configure assessments to be passed based on the number of correct answers that attendees get. This makes it even more flexible to determine the best way to evaluate and measure attendee's knowledge.

    Scoring model enhancement for assessments

    For assessments that leverages scoring to evaluate attendee answers, you can now use multi-select question types for score configuration. 

    Event feedback survey questions in advanced filters for email

    You can now include specific event feedback survey questions in the email advance filters and determine if an email gets triggered based on specific event feedback survey question answers. This allows you to create different email content based on survey questions, providing you more flexibility on how to send event emails. For example, you can now send different certificates based on how someone filled out your survey.  



    Self-Serve Zoom Integration

    We're happy to announce that you can now set up and activate your self-service Zoom Integration, giving you more control over managing your credentials securely.

    We have also moved the integration documentation to this new location:

    Meeting Request Forms


    Exclude archived meeting requests from Access Portal Requests and Events list

    The Requests and Events list on the Access Portal will now exclude archived meeting requests. This will result in improved performance and load time for Access Portal users who have a large amount of historical meeting request submissions. There will be no changes to your ability to manage archived meeting requests or to the default archive date.



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