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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 22, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 22, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-22-2022 14:14
    It may not be the 21st of September anymore, but we have some great product updates for you to remember! This week we have enhancements to #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #OnsiteSolutions, #Surveys, and #EventDiagramming.


    Attendee Hub

    Added exhibitor booth banners to the Event App

    An exhibitor's booth banner can now be viewed on the Event App in addition to the Attendee Website.

    Attendee List Filters in Event App

    Event App now has Attendee List filter parity with AH Web. The filtering from the attendee list within Event App will allow attendees to filter and find other attendees they want to network with on Attendee List, while providing you the ability to setup filters for attendees to use from App Builder.

    Event App iPad Support

    Event App is now natively supported on iPad. For attendees the app will fill the entire screen and allow them to use the app in both landscape and portrait orientations.

    Custom Apps: CrowdCompass App Replacement

    With iPad support being released, CrowdCompass customers who are migrating to Attendee Hub can now fully replace their CC Branded App (rather than needing to create a new app entirely).

    Custom Apps: Push Certificate Support

    If you're utilizing Custom Apps, you will now able to utilize Push Certs (p12 files) by which to provision push notifications for your app instead of utilizing Auth Tokens (p8 files).


    Copy Website Pages

    This adds the ability to copy from existing Website Pages in the Site Designer to create new pages. This will copy over widgets, translations that have been set, and settings, so you can efficiently create multiple website pages that are similar and can make minor modifications for different audiences. This will save you time during the event setup process.

    Enhanced the Event Information card

    You can now add event custom fields to the Event Information card on the Home Page.

    Onsite Solutions

    Secure Sync

    Gatekeeper mode has been overhauled and is now called Secure Sync. This will allow multiple devices to check-in attendees for duration-tracking sessions, when online. You will be prompted to activate secure sync when accessing a duration-tracking session.

    Remote Print

    Remote Print allows you to print badges to OnArrival directly from the Cvent Event Management.


    Large Choice Question

    You will now be able to add a choice single and multi-select question in the survey which can support more than 100 choices. The choices can be added through an import feature and the question type can support a max of 20k choices.

    The question type will not be supported in the "Link Logic", "Masking Logic" and "Branch Logic". However, "Visibility logic" can be applied to the question.

    Answer Import

     You will now be able to import and update answers for the following question types:
    1. Rank Order Question
    2. Form Question
    3. Matrix Spreadsheet Question
    4. Matrix Side by Side Question

    The imported answers will be reflected in the survey responses and reports respectively.

    Answer Details By Attendee (One Attendee Per Row)

    A new report is introduced for the premium event surveys where in you will be able to view the responses for every attendee in a dedicated row.
    The same report is also introduced in the cross-event reports so the planners can now execute the report for multiple events.

    Diagramming & Seating (previously Social Tables)

    Floor Plan Finder

    With this release you can:

    • Search for properties from the expansive Diagramming library of floor plans
    • Save properties to your library for future reuse.
    • Save individual rooms to your library for future reuse.
      • Properties and rooms saved in Floor Plan Finder will be available within the diagram creation workflow.
    • Create diagrams directly from the property page 
    • See properties and rooms that have photorealistic 3D enabled

    3D Enhancement – Airwalls

    All rooms will now have a toggle to show translucent airwalls.



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