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  • 1.  Widget Visibility Logic

    Posted 06-17-2022 16:58
    I was happy to see this addition in the quarterly update.

    Widget Visibility Logic. You can now apply visibility logic to text and contact field widgets in order to hide or show them based on agenda items, travel condition, or contents of a specific contact field.  This eliminates the need to create separate registration paths to show different instructional text or field collection.  You can now use this logic to display text only when an attendee meets your criteria.

    However - please add the ability to make a widget or question visible for more than one agenda item. This would eliminate the need for the same widget or question duplicated for each agenda item.



    Jennie Hynson
    Covington Meetings & Events

  • 2.  RE: Widget Visibility Logic

    Community MVP
    Posted 06-17-2022 20:10
    Edited by Steven Schlossman 06-17-2022 20:10
    👍 Having a visibility based on multiple items would help clean up my reports.
    Please add it to the ideas section.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America