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  • 1.  Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 01-15-2016 14:33
    Is it possible to get a report showing contacts with duplicate first and last name? 

  • 2.  RE: Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 01-15-2016 15:07
    Hello Karen,

    On the Event Level you could do the following

    Create a Custom Report (Reporting > Custom Report > Create Custom Report (green button)) then choose Category Attendees, Type All Attendees. Step 2: Select the fields that you want, Step 3: Any sorting criteria, Step 4, Date rage and then in Advanced Filters, select Last Name, Operator Equals, Value (last name in question). Add another Filter, and leave the And button checked and this time do First Name, Operator Equals, Value (first name in question)

    If you want to know if there are any duplicates (perhaps just same name??) on the Account Level, you can do the following

    The Account Level reports can be found by clicking Solution: Events > Cross Events > Cross Event Reports > Create Custom Report (green button)

    The Account Level is similar, but instead of selecting Attendees as the Category, go ahead and select Contacts. 

    I hope this helps.

  • 3.  RE: Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 02-24-2016 15:07
    Thanks! I'm definitely working at the account level. I'm still not quite sure how to get what I want, though. I've created a custom report, and it looks like it basically a list of my account's contacts. How do I return a list of ONLY contacts that have an identical first and last name as another contact?

  • 4.  RE: Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 03-04-2016 15:36
    Hi Karen - there isn't currently a report for this. The best we have is searching for duplicates by either Source ID or by Last Name and Email Address. Cvent is exploring other ways to locate duplicates, however. Stay tuned!

  • 5.  RE: Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 06-02-2016 11:52
    That's exactly what I'm doing! The huge Excel file nearly crashed my computer and cleaning up dozens of manual merges is turning into a full-time job! 

  • 6.  RE: Duplicate Contact Reports

    Posted 01-24-2018 13:33
    As someone who works for a large organization, we are struggling with keeping our records clean as only 2 criteria for finding duplicates is not enough.  When I run the last name and company, it returns 8500 potential duplicate records.  If first name and company even more.  It would be lovely to have first name, last name and company.