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  • 1.  Speaker Email Reports

    Posted 09-08-2021 09:24
    Are there any speaker email reports that can show me who has opened the email and/or if it was undeliverable?

    Dominique Hubbard
    Conference Coordinator
    Virginia Education Association

  • 2.  RE: Speaker Email Reports
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-15-2021 16:48
    Hi Dominique, I have asked this question during the Executing a Hybrid Experience live webinar (Customer Success Week 2021) and the answer is, "Hey Brenda, I get your point. Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a specific report to fetch clicks on Speaker emails."

    My recommendation is to (and I'm sorry, this is a LOT of work):
    • Make an Event Email with all the info you can include
    • Create an invitation list for all the speakers or mark the Speakers with an internal field
    • Send the email as an Event email
    • Access the reporting under the email Reports, custom emails.

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Speaker Email Reports

    Posted 09-16-2021 11:14
    Props to Brenda for a GREAT workaround to get the data!!!

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.