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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 21, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 21, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-21-2020 14:28
    Cvent Community - Happy Tuesday! Check out the #Event(Flex), ​#OnArrival and #SupplierNetwork updates below.


    Event Management

    *New Flex Release* Registration Progress Bar:
    You can now add a progress bar to your registration process. Progress is calculated based on the number of pages the registrant has completed out of the total number of registration path pages. The four different progress bar designs you can choose from are:

    • Stepper bar with page titles: Displays all pages on the registration path that the registrant will go through. This progress bar also allows the registrant to go back to a specific page they have already completed.
    • X of Y pages: Displays the page number the registrant is currently on out of the total number of pages they have to complete. For example, 2 of 5 pages.
    • Percentage complete: Displays the percentage of pages the registrant has completed. If the registrant has completed half of the registration pages, this would show a bar with "50%" written underneath.
    • Simple bar: A basic progress bar that changes color as the registrant goes through the registration process.

    Onsite Solutions – OnArrival

    Kiosk Mode Dashboard (OnArrival iOS):
    You can now access additional options in kiosk mode under the Admin menu. These options include: viewing your battery life, printer and internet connection status, and the ability to sync new attendees and check-ins.

    OnArrival Kiosk Mode Dashboard

    Cvent Supplier Network (Planner)

    Update to Meeting Packages and Total Costs:
    You can now request meeting package information from the "Event Requirements" tab. This lets you share your pricing preferences with venues. To see the changes, go to Suppliers > Manage RFPs > Event Requirements.


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