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  • 1.  Add to Calendar option in emails?

    Posted 05-02-2022 04:15
    We have "Add to Calendar" in our header, but I can't figure out how to get the "add to calendar" into the event emails.
    I've followed the instructions on the knowledge base and it's still coming out wonky.

    Is it possible to use the "Add to Calendar" button that already exists somewhere in our event, in the email?  

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.  The event is in 10 days and this is holding up a big email going out.

    Thank you!

    Nicole Sheahan
    Global Colon Cancer Association

  • 2.  RE: Add to Calendar option in emails?

    Posted 05-03-2022 08:15
    I use the "add to calendar link" data tag in my emails.  

    Kim Abbott
    North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Add to Calendar option in emails?

    Posted 05-03-2022 09:25

    Have you thought about adding a custom link button?  Then change the text on the button to "add to calendar".  For the link, you'll need to upload a calendar invite .ics (from MS Outlook) file to the Library under Documents (Admin section).  Once uploaded, click on the newly created calendar hold icon to get its full file address [see screenshot].  Then go back to your email designer and enter that as the link. 

    Admin>Libraries>Document Library>your folder(or create one)>Add file 
    Once uploaded: click on icon and scroll to bottom for Reference Link

    Michelle Dube
    Registration Manager
    Bank of America

  • 4.  RE: Add to Calendar option in emails?

    Posted 05-03-2022 11:45
    They've also added the session Add to Calendar link to the emails if you use the My Agenda widget in your confirmation emails. There's one link per session if you want to allow folks to download those.

    Lauren Becker
    Web Content Coordinator