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Weekly Product Release Notes - October 14, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - October 14, 2021

    Posted 10-14-2021 12:28
    Happy Thursday! We have lots of exciting updates this week for #Event(Flex), #NewExperience, #EventDiagramming and #CSN. Take a peak when you have a chance. 


    Event Management


    Phone Number Validation Warning:
    A warning will be displayed when you inpu tan invalid format within the mobile field while going through the registration process on guest side. You will have the option to reenter a number, which will scroll and focus to the mobile field or choose to keep it. You also have the option to keep the existing number, which will take them to the next page.

    Planner settings: You must set secure verification codes for the authentication for the event in order for this feature to be enabled. Additionally, you are able to update the modal copy with custom text and translations within Language Management. The modal styles inherits from the theme, but the planner is able to make modifications to the styles of the modal within site designer.

    Hybrid Reporting Updates: The newly created fields for Hybrid Event are now available in the reporting framework, so that you can report on the virtual capacities, virtual registration types, hybrid flag and counts of virtual vs in-person attendees at event and product level. 
    The fields will be available in both Event level and Cross Event reports. 

    New Experience

    Count of features in copy modal: With this feature release, we will now show the Count of data created for each feature in the Copy Data Modal displayed while copying an existing event in new creation form. For example, if there are 4 registration types in that event, it will show Registration Types (4). You can click on Change Selection in Event Data section to access this modal.  

    • A feature that can be created in bulk will only show in the copy data modal when the data items are > 0 

    • Features will show in the copy data modal when they are available in an account 

    • Surveys will show link existing survey option for premium survey copy 

    • Invitation Lists will be greyed out in copy data modal for Multi Language Event as we need multiple invitation lists for each language 


    Event Diagramming (Previously Social Tables)

    Change ruler from decimals to ft/in: Common feedback around the ruler tool was that the display for imperial measurements was not intuitive as a decimal value (8.33 ft vs. 8 ft 4 in). ​With this update, the ruler will now display the measurements in the left panel/canvas in ft & inches for teams that have selected "Imperial" as their default measurement.  


    Chair Selector Improvements: With this release, the Chair Selector tool has now been updated so that ​you can see total chair count on each table side (without requiring the user to click into each side, as previously required). You will also be able to see an example table at that center of the popover that mimics the rotation of the table being edited on the canvas, and helps to visualize chair placement and table orientation.  

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Localized Search, RFP Creation and RFP Management experience: If you are opted in to the new experience, you can search venues, create RFPs and manage responses all in the language and locale of your choice. You can change your language from the My Profile section of your account. 

    Simplified and Redesigned RFP Creation and Management Experience: If you are opted in to the new sourcing experience, you will see a completely redesigned Suppliers blade, beginning with a simplified and streamlined RFP and continuing through to a modernized Venue List and Award process. In addition, many of the Cvent notification emails have been redesigned and localized. Users who are opted in will be able to switch back to the old experience at any time. This is only the first phase of our multi-phased planner side redesign project. This includes: 

    • Simplified, single-page RFP form: There are no enterprise features available and the fields have been slimmed down to increase efficiency in RFP creation. 
    • Fully localized experience: Search, RFP Creation, Emails 
    • "Search First" workflow: You will have to start by searching venues before creating an RFP during this MVP phase. In later phases, the ability to create the RFP first will become available. 
    • Redesigned view of the proposal 
    • More modern user experience leveraging the new expeirence 
    • Single-Award RFPs: In the MVP phase, planners will only be able to award to a single venue. In later phase, planners will have the ability to award to multiple venues 
    • Available RFP Management actions 
      • Cancel RFP 
      • Cancel Supplier 
      • Award Supplier 
      • Retract Award 
      • Decline Supplier 
      • Download RFP 
      • Add Venues to an RFP  
    • Run Bid Comparison reports 
    • Add contracted details
    • Run Cross-RFP reports 
    • Search and view Venue Profiles in their language of choice 
    • Localized & Redesigned emails: 
      • New Proposal 
      • Updated Proposal 
      • Turned Down RFP 
      • Withdrawn Proposal 

    Localized Guest CSN Search and RFP experience: All guest users accessing the Cvent Supplier Network to view venues and create RFPs will now see this functionality in their local language and locale. This also includes any email notifications the guest will receive. Cvent will read the user's browser setting and display language and locale automatically. The guest user can also change their language from the Cvent Supplier Network Search pages. 



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