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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2021

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-24-2021 13:35
    Below you will find the full list of Q2 2021 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #eMarketing, #Appointments, #Surveys, #MeetingsManagement, #OnsiteSolutions, #VenueSourcing, #EventDiagramming, and #Passkey.

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on July 15th to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Cvent Attendee Hub®

    Added a banner image for virtual booths. The new image appears as a banner across the top of an exhibitor's virtual booth, providing an additional branding opportunity for exhibitors.

    Introduced Q&A text answers for the Attendee Website: Live Q&A moderators can now answer attendee questions with a written response from the Attendee Website, allowing attendees to read the answers at any time and remain engaged throughout the session.

    Introduced Digital Badge for the Event App: You can now enable a digital badge for the Event App that gives attendees access to their own personalized QR code. Attendees can use the code to check in to your event onsite and print their physical badge hands-free via OnArrival.

    Engagement Scoring - Company-Based Report: A new report will allow you to measure metrics on companies' engagement, and provide you with account-based insights. 

    Introduced exhibitor videos for the Attendee Website: You can now upload video content for your exhibitors, or allow exhibitors to upload their own. The videos will be accessible from the exhibitor's virtual booth on the Attendee Website.

    Added a survey notification to the Attendee Website: If you've configured a session feedback survey to become available for event or session registrants starting at a certain time, a notification will now display in the top-right corner of the session page when the survey opens, letting attendees know they can begin submitting their responses. The survey icon in the engagement panel will also display a red notification badge.

    Introduced session recommendations for the Attendee Website: You can now enable session recommendations for your Attendee Website, allowing attendees to filter the session list by sessions that are recommended to them. Recommendations are generated based on the sessions that attendees with similar job titles and companies have enrolled in.

    Incorporated current and upcoming appointments on the Attendee Website Home page: For events with Appointments, attendees will now see their appointments displayed in the Happening Now and Up Next sections on the Home page of the Attendee Website.

    Added support for code snippets on the Attendee Website: To gather additional analytics within your event, you can now add code snippets to your Attendee Website and Login page.

    Introduced the cover image for the Attendee Website: You can now upload a new website cover image that will be displayed on the My Event page of the Attendee Website, directly below the navigation bar. The new cover image will ultimately replace the website banner image, though you'll see both images available to use in the meantime.

    Added the ability to make attendee hub engagement reporting accessible to exhibitors: You can now allow exhibitors to access the Attendee Hub Engagement Details report within the Exhibitor Portal. Each exhibitor will only be able to view and export their own organization's engagement metrics, meaning you no longer need to spend time filtering the report and sending it to each exhibitor individually.

    Added the ability to upload pre-recorded session videos: When setting up pre-recorded sessions using Cvent Video Player, you can now upload the video file for your session directly within Cvent.

    Introduced the attendee list for the Attendee Website: You can now enable an attendee list for your Attendee Website. Attendees can sort the list, as well as search by name, company, and job title to see who else is attending the event and view their contact details.

    Added the ability to import virtual session details in bulk: For almost all virtual sessions, you can now import or update the virtual session details in bulk. Reference this article for import instructions and information on the supported virtual session types.

    Made it easier to access session surveys from the Attendee Website: If a feedback survey is active and available for a session, attendees who meet the availability criteria will now see a new Survey icon on that session's page within the Attendee Website. If you've added visibility logic to a survey, this will determine who can complete the survey, not who can see the Survey icon on the applicable session pages.

    Added support for notifications on the Attendee Website: When you send notifications, they will now be visible on the Attendee Website in the new Notifications section. To access them, click the bell icon in the top-right.

    Gamification in Event App: Gamification is now available in the Attendee Hub event app, which was released in the Attendee Hub website earlier this year. Gamification allows planners to incentivize attendee engagement in the app

    Virtual Booth Videos: Virtual Booths now support multiple videos. When multiple videos are uploaded, attendees will see a carousel of videos in the exhibitor's booth. This feature supports up to 25, 5GB videos per exhibitor, and the videos must either be MP4 or MOV files. Exhibitors can also upload custom thumbnails, and mark a video as "featured," where it will be displayed in the booth's player when attendees first arrive at the virtual booth.

    Happening Now and Up Next for Appointments: For events with Appointments, attendees will now see their appointments show up in the Happening Now and Up Next sections in Attendee Hub. This will help attendees find where they should go next in addition to sessions they attend.

    Event Management

    Event Registration (Flex)

    Administrator SSO Registration Modification: Administrators can now use SSO to manage the registrations of the attendees they register. All attendees registered by a particular admin will be shown in the same pop-up, where administrators can choose whether they want to register themselves or someone else.

    Multiple calendar options for invitees: Attendees will now be able to add sessions and events to their preferred calendars including Google Calendar, iCal/Apple Calendar and Outlook web. These will appear in addition to the existing universal .ics file option.

    Display Session-Level Personalized URLs to Attendees: Planners will now be able to share with attendees personalized URLs and passwords of virtual sessions via "Registrant's Agenda" widget, "Add to Calendar" widget, and data tags.

    Rich Text Translations for Terms and Conditions: The Terms & Conditions can now be translated using rich text to allow for text formatting.

    Summary Pages Based on Registration Type: Planners can now create separate Summary Pages to be displayed on the event website based on the attendee's Registration Type.

    Custom Data Tag Rich Text Editor: Planners can now use the rich text editor when creating content blocks using Custom Data Tags to allow for additional formatting options.

    Registration Widgets in a Single Column: Planners can now create Registration forms in a single column, allowing them to display other information alongside the form.

    Travel Credit Card Visibility Based on Shoulder Dates or Billing Instructions: Planners will now have control of the visibility of the Travel Credit Card widget based on whether the invitee requests any shoulder dates or if there are any billing instructions applicable to the request.

    Sync Questions in Concur: This release allows planners to map Registration and Travel questions with Concur fields when using the Concur integration. This would send the attendee's answers along with their contact details to Concur when they are redirected to make their travel bookings on the Concur website.

    Flight Requests Opt-out: The Flight Request widget will display a new option that allows attendees to select whether they would like to place a Flight Request or not. The Flight Request form will be visible to attendees only after they choose to place a request. Planners will be able to see this information in reports.

    Restrict Country List in the Address Widget: Planners can now restrict the list of countries available to attendees in the Address Widget during Registration.

    Display Generic URL Links for Attendee Hub and Virtual Sessions/Events in Flex Registration: This feature will replace all the external virtual session/event links & passwords from guest side & calendars with an internal URL that will act as a traffic cop.

    1. If Attendee Hub is enabled in the event, then all the attendees who click on the internal URL will be redirected to Attendee Hub.
    2. If Attendee Hub is disabled in the event, then attendees will be redirected to a new page where the external link will be displayed with the password.

    Importing Account-level Discount Codes: You can now import account-level discount codes in bulk.

    Tax Schedules (Travel): You will now be able to use the Tax Schedules created in your account to charge attendees taxes based on their location when placing travel requests so that they can pay appropriate taxes based on their local laws.

    Data Tags for Code Snippets: You can now allow code snippets to have data tags run within them. This will allow you to send specific details to your analytics tools such as contact details or event information. Data tags can be added to code snippets in Admin by using the "Insert Data Tag" button under the Code Snippet text box. The data tags available for selection will be:

    • Contact Information
    • Custom Contact Fields
    • Event Information
    • Event Custom Fields

    More data tag categories will be added in future releases.

    Hotel Visibility by Registration Type & Admission Item: You can now set the hotel/room type visibility during registration based on the invitee's Registration Type or Admission Item. This will allow you to hide/display room types without having to create multiple registration paths.

    Registration Import Allowing Modifications: Planners can now leverage the registration import feature available in Attendees > Attendee List > Actions > Import Registrations to import modifications to registrations as well as initial registrations. We have introduced the following import methods which already exist as import methods when importing to the address book:

    1. Insert new and update existing records
    2. Insert new, and skip existing records
    3. Update existing, and skip new records


    Cvent Salesforce App – Version 5.3

    • Support for Salesforce mobile app
    • Push data into Cvent custom fields upon invitation
    • Personalize invitation email sender details
    • Delegate nomination approval to someone else

    Cvent Salesforce App version 5.4: This release mainly includes technical updates and performance optimizations. Refer here for details:


    Distribution List Summary Report: This new report shows a high-level summary of each distribution list in your account. It contains general information about each list, including counts of both the list members awaiting approval and the list's associated campaigns.

    Campaign List Summary: The following fields have been added to this existing report about the last email sent from the campaign and the next email due to be sent:

    • Click-Through Rate
    • Last Email Sent - Date
    • Last Email Sent - Name
    • Next Email to Send - Date
    • Next Email to Send - Name

    New eMarketing reports: Track clicks in your eMarketing emails using two new reports. The "Clicks by Email" and "Clicks by URL" reports let you see detailed info about where and how often recipients are clicking in your emails.

    • Clicks by Email: This report includes email data such as total clicks, average clicks, open rate, and click-through rate. You can also filter, group, and view click-tracking details for specific emails or campaigns.
      • Note: The report will only display click-tracking activity that occurred after March 19, 2021.
    • Clicks by URL: For URLs in your emails, view total clicks, average clicks, unique clicks, click-through rate, and % of clicks. This report also lets you group and view data by URL.
      • Note: The report will only display click-tracking activity that occurred after January 1, 2021.


    Updated Email Editor for Appointments Emails: The Appointments email editor experience is now updated to match the new email editor seen in Event emails. The planner will now have a consistent experience when editing emails. Building Appointments emails is now much easier for planners, as well. Planners will be able to drag and drop different widgets onto the email canvas. They can also switch to custom HTML to build their emails. They can also easily build themes across Appointments emails, ensuring all emails have a consistent look and feel.


    Surveys Premium for Flex Events

    Speaker Feedback Rating Comparison Report: A new report has been added to premium feedback surveys that compare the speaker's ratings. You can now easily view the overall rating each speaker has received across different sessions in a single view and identify the top-rated speakers in the event.

    Email Enhancements: You can now send post-event emails depending on the score or percentage attendees received on their general survey. You can utilize this to send an email with a certificate to those attendees who received a passing score and a different email to attendees who scored less than the passing score.

    REST API Support: Surveys in Flex events have been enhanced to support REST APIs. If you are using an API to retrieve data from the Cvent system, you can use these APIs to update other systems, like Salesforce and Marketo, with survey responses. 

    • List Event Surveys: This API retrieves a list of surveys used for an event.
    • List Event Survey Questions: This API retrieves a list of questions in an event survey.
    • List Event Survey Responses: This API retrieves a list of responses collected for the event survey.

    API documentation can be accessed here: 

    Surveys Premium (Standalone Surveys)

    Reporting Enhancements: The first name, last name, full name, and response code columns have been enhanced. You can now quickly navigate from the report to the respondent details page to view or modify information about the respondent. The enhancements have been made to the following reports:

    • Answer Details by Respondent (displays one respondent per row)
    • Respondents Report
    • Answer Details by Respondent
    • Answer Details by Question

    REST API Support

    • List Surveys: This API retrieves a list of surveys in the account.
    • List Questions: This API retrieves a list of questions in the survey.
    • List Responses: This API retrieves a list of responses collected for the survey.
    • List Respondents: This API retrieves a list of respondents in the survey.

    API documentation can be accessed here: 

    Survey Response in Email Alerts: A new data tag {[RES-MY RESPONSE]} has been added to email alerts which will show the respondent's answers to the survey.

    Enterprise/Meetings Management 

    Access Portal

    Request and Events List: You can now set up event and request lists to show which meeting request form is associated with the corresponding request. The list will no longer show deleted events.

    Emails: When adding data tags in the email designer, you will only see the data tags you've added to that particular Access Portal email.

    Search Within Choice Questions and Fields: Requesters can now search by single-choice dropdown questions and fields in Meeting Request Forms.


    Onsite Solutions

    OnArrival Status and Launch: Event Container events must now add OnArrival as a Feature to the event to use OnArrival, as well as launch OnArrival to make the app accessible to Cvent users. OnArrival Basic events can be launched by any user who accesses the event in OnArrival, while OnArrival Premium events can be launched by users with OA Premium permissions. Once an event is launched for OnArrival, it is permanently available to users who download the app and login.

    OnArrival Basic Session Stats Access: Users of OA Basic events can now access Session Stats for all sessions. Check in and attendee list functionality is still disabled for OA Basic events, however users can now view check in and session feedback dashboards.

    Bug Fixes: Additional bug fixes and performance improvements have been made throughout OnArrival.

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Event Format RFP Field: There is now a field for event format in your RFPs where you can select In-Person, Hybrid, or Virtual. The setting is found under RFP Details > Event Details. This has been added to the Suppliers and RFP report on the planner-side and the RFP Details report on the supplier side.

    Diagramming and Seating (formerly Social Tables)

    Interactive Floor Plans and Photo-Realistic 3D on the Cvent Supplier Network: Interactive Floor Plans allow planners using the Cvent Supplier Network to view meeting space at a venue, the location of each room within the overall venue map, and each room's capacity limits on venue profiles. You can also now view event space through Photo-Realistic 3D to see the space down to the last detail.

    Diagram Automation: We recently launched Diagram Automation, a new tool that helps event professionals seamlessly create layouts catered to their requirements with a click of a button. Diagramming safe events has never been quicker or easier. Select a saved Preset layout, enter the desired attendee count, and watch as your diagram is automatically populated within seconds! Plus, we'll avoid objects already on the diagram, so you can ensure tables aren't placed over your stage or columns.



    AutoBlock: Passkey can now support Large Citywide events with multiple sub-block groups that have specialized housing needs. Event organizers can automate how they handle multiple sub-blocks and group bookings with Autoblock by allowing additional contacts to secure multiple hotel rooms, book rooms and release unused inventory.



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