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  • 1.  Admission Items for Guests with Fees

    Posted 11-26-2019 13:17

    I am trying to find the best way to add optional guest activities which cost a fee, however the activities are included for the attendee.  Anyone have suggestions?

    Thank you!

    Emily Gauger
    Fox World Travel

  • 2.  RE: Admission Items for Guests with Fees

    Posted 11-27-2019 13:25

    This article in the KB does a really good job of explaining guest registration types: and this article which explains registration paths:

    To summarize the article, create a registration type for the guest and create admission items or sessions just for the guest registration type. Putting the guest on a registration path, which can be different then the invitee. 

    These articles are for FLEX, but the concept is the same for Classic.

    Hopefully that helps,
    James Rose

    James Rose | Senior Web Developer and Content Management
    Digital Infrastructure, Implementation, Strategy, and Support
    Office of University Development | University of Michigan