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Integrations and event success tips to enhance your Martech stack!

  • 1.  Integrations and event success tips to enhance your Martech stack!

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Ridhima Krishan 13 days ago
    Happy Monday everyone! 

    We're excited for this week because we've got the first session of this quarter's Customer Success Series! Fresh off the heels of CONNECT 2022, we'll be expanding on the Cvent Ecosystem, and all the ways you fit into it. From the importance of integrations to tips for success for the summer, we've got you covered anywhere and everywhere that your events program takes you this year! 

    On Tuesday, we'll be talking to Cvent's own CIO, Pradeep Mannakkara, and Karen Carter, Director of Enterprise Marketing in Europe. We're going to shed some light on the complex and interesting topic of integrations. It's important to have Cvent as a well-oiled part of your overall Martech stack! And you have to understand the integrations available to make everything work well together! Karen and Pradeep will bring IT and Marketing into one conversation, talking about how to improve relationships between these departments and make it easy to put on successful events! 

    We'd love to get you thinking about some of the topics we'll be covering over the next few months. Let us know your thoughts below! 
    1. Do you feel comfortable with integrations with your event tech or feel like there are opportunities for improvement? 
    2. Are you preparing to face changes to your event program and going back in person as we move into this new age of events? 

    If you're not already, make sure your register for the series
    right here! And we're coming to a city near you! Make sure you join us in person later this month, as well! #HuddleoftheWeek #VoiceIt

    Ridhima Krishan
    Sr. Associate, Customer Marketing