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Weekly Product Release Notes - April 7, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - April 7, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 04-07-2020 16:22
    Edited by Cvent Product News 04-07-2020 16:23
    Happy Tuesday and Happy APRIL, Cvent Community! Hope everyone is feeling adjusted to their new 'normal'. We've got a whole bunch of #EventCloud updates to share today across ​​#CrowdCompass, #SupplierNetwork, #Surveys, ​​​​#Admin/Reporting, ​​#Passkey, and Exhibitor Management.



    Online Event Guide (OEG) Webcast Links for Virtual Events:
    This is a special release to you if you're adopting the Online Event Guide (OEG) for your virtual events. Due to COVID-19, we want to quickly provide a way for you to host virtual meetings (webcasts), so we added the ability for you to link your attendees to a virtual meeting space from within the OEG. We added a new webcast section to the EventCenter sessions page, where you can set up your link to a 3rd party video conferencing tool, such as WebEx or Zoom. If your webcast has a password, they can also add that under this new section, so it will display alongside the URL in the app for attendees. This is one of the many ways Cvent is standing with our customers to help them through this trying time.


    Cvent Supplier Network (Planner)

    New RFP Cancellation Reasons:
    You can now select from 4 new RFP cancellations reasons if you need to cancel their RFP: Medical emergency, Epidemic or pandemic, Natural disaster, Political or civil unrest. These new reasons were added to make sure planners can accurately indicate why they have to cancel their RFP during this pandemic of COVID-19 and any future emergencies or events.


    Basic and Premium Surveys for Flex Events

    Auto-Send Emails After Survey is Completed:
    Emails can now be automatically sent after the invitee or guest completes a session feedback survey. This allows you to send session completion certificates after the survey is taken, which may help boost survey response rates.

    Note: If multiple sessions are associated with the email, the invitee or guest will receive a survey completion email after each session survey is complete.


    Non-Event Surveys in Surveys (New)

    Private Surveys: You can now restrict who can take a survey by making it private. When a survey is private, only members in the invitation list can take the survey. Respondents taking the survey via a generic weblink will have to provide their identity information before taking the survey, where respondents accessing the survey via a Cvent email link will be able to skip the identity confirmation.

    Expire Survey Invitations: You can now set the survey invitations to expire after a certain time. To extend this expiration time, you can send another survey invite email or a reminder email with a new expiration time. When the expiration time is left blank, respondents will be allowed to take the survey until it's closed.



    New User Role Permission – "Account-Wide Visibility":
    The new "Account-Wide Visibility" user role permission lets your users view (but not necessary edit) all of your account's campaigns, contact groups, documents, events, libraries, meeting requests, portals, and surveys. Without this new permission, each user will have visibility assigned for them on an item-by-item basis. If they're part of a user group, they'll have the visibility that's assigned for the group.

                    Note: To actually edit any items, users will need access to each item's corresponding editing permissions


    "User Roles" Permission Update: The "User Roles" permission now provides access to all user roles in the account, including ones created in the future. Anyone with access to all user roles can now create new user roles as well.


    Exhibitor Management

    Sponsorship Levels: You are now able to create Sponsorship Levels for your events and assign them to your Exhibitors.

    Note: You can also assign Sponsorship Level through Exhibitor Import.

    "Featured" Flag for Exhibitors: You are also now able to flag Exhibitors as 'Featured' as an additional option. The 'Featured' flag is independent of being an Event Sponsor or having a Level assigned.


    New Group Booking Flow in Modern Layout:
    Below are the key steps in the new Group Booking flow.

    • The booking contact enters their information
    • The contact views and edits individual reservations
    • The contact reviews their changes on the summary page
    • The contact sees a reservation confirmation page

    Improvements to Footer for Modern Layout:
    To make the footer less obtrusive, we reduced font size and reduced opacity to help it blend into the background.


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