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Product Release: Grow your business with online reviews on Wedding Spot

  • 1.  Product Release: Grow your business with online reviews on Wedding Spot

    Posted 11-22-2021 08:45

     Cvent Community - Check out the latest #WeddingSpot product update!


    Let’s face it, reviews are important for almost every big life choice we make. A wedding venue fits into the category of big life choices. It’s quite rare now for couples searching for a wedding venue to blindly decide without first consulting several online resources. We’re excited to introduce a new update to Wedding Spot that empowers couples to submit venue reviews directly to Wedding Spot.


    Who can post reviews?

     Couples who hosted their wedding at your venue will be able to submit a written review along with a rating on a 5-star scale. A great experience can be turned into a personal testimonial, generating additional appeal and goodwill. These reviews are designed to help you create a positive online footprint and drive more traffic to your venue page on Wedding Spot. Reviews  are  moderated.  The  review should  be  free  from  any  kind  of  "Profanity"  to protect a  venue’s market position while delivering fair and honest opinions/feedback/suggestions from the couples.


    Why is this so important for your venue?

    • Enhance venue visibility –Customer reviews provide fresh content on your venue profile, improve your page ranking, and search engine optimization
    • Build  your  brand–Your  brand  can  build  significant  trust  and  credibility  from  a steady stream of positive reviews
    • Give couples what they want–Venue reviews increase the likelihood of couples submitting an RFP because reviews prompt couples to stay longer on your venue profile
    • Drive sales –Couples are more likely to submit an RFP if others agree that it’s a good decision
    • Speak directly to customers –Venue reviews will give you a forum to respond to couples,  reinforce  positive  reviews,  and  give  you  a  way  to  quickly  address  and identify areas of improvement and new opportunities for business

    Build your reputation on Cvent Wedding Spot and take advantage of this exciting new feature. If you have questions or thoughts, please post on this thread!


    Want to learn more about our product release, sign up here for our Quarterly Product Updates webinar series.

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