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Product Release: Photo-Realistic 3D on the Unreal Engine

  • 1.  Product Release: Photo-Realistic 3D on the Unreal Engine

    Posted 07-26-2021 09:25
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    Product Release: Photo-Realistic 3D on the Unreal Engine


    Cvent Community - Check out the latest #CventSupplierNetwork and #CventEventDiagramming (formerly Social Tables) product update!

    Photo-Realistic 3D - Cvent Event Diagramming (formerly Social Tables)

    We are excited to share our new product update on #Photo-Realistic3D from Cvent Event Diagramming (formerly Social Tables). Thank you for showing interest in topics about #marketingsafermeetings and selling your space remotely.

    Cvent Event Diagramming: Photo-Realistic 3D

    Cvent Event Diagramming is the world's most popular event design software – enabling you to create better events, faster. Cvent Event Diagramming software provides accurate diagramming tools to create exactly to-scale diagrams in minutes.

    Photo-Realistic 3D enables you to represent your event space accurately down to the last detail, which in turn can help gain an edge over the competition, win more business, and increase the ROI of your event life cycle. It helps offer planners a 3D virtual tour of a hotel's event space to deliver a full vision of the hotel's capabilities.

     Enhanced Photo-Realistic 3D

    We have begun the process of making enhancements to Photo-Realistic 3D that will bring improvements over the existing technology, with faster load times and higher-quality 3D renderings. This will be available to implement on your CSN (Cvent Supplier Network) profile as well as send a direct link to your planner, complete with items in the diagram. With these improvements, customers will be able to deliver virtual site tours almost indistinguishable from the real thing, using the world's most popular event diagramming tool.

    We understand your pain-points:

    • Difficulty in hosting in-person site tours specially in the current situation
    • Inability to communicate vision of event space without a site tour
    • Hours spent negotiating with planners who are not a good fit for event space
    • Strong need of a better speed and quality of the present 3D offering

    How does it help our users?

    • Higher 3D quality
    • Faster load times in a browser
    • Unparalleled virtual sourcing experience on CSN and during the sourcing process
    • More opportunity to communicate detail, scale, and vision of venue-with layouts


    Check Out How a Photo-Realistic 3D looks like on CSN:

    Want to learn more about this software? Become an expert with Cvent Event Diagramming #Certification Click here to register!!

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