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Product Release: CSN Multiple Commissions

  • 1.  Product Release: CSN Multiple Commissions

    Posted 03-23-2020 13:30

    Cvent Community - Check out the latest #HospitalityCloud product updates! 

    Cvent Supplier Network



    On March 23, 2020, Cvent launched new enhancements to #CventSupplierNetwork that will help streamline the proposal process and improve communication between suppliers and third-party planners. 


    Effective immediately, third-party planners will be able to define the portions of the proposal – such as accommodation, F&B, meeting packages, etc. – they are requesting commission on from venues.


    Likewise, suppliers will now be able to offer multiple, varying planner commission rates on different portions of the proposal.  This will help in situations where, for example, a venue may be willing to pay one commission rate on the meeting package cost, but a different rate on accommodation. Note: if a venue pays commission on accommodation only, it can continue to reflect that single commission on proposals.


    In addition, Cvent now lets hotels set a Standard Commission policy in Cvent Supplier Network that will automatically populate their commission rate on all proposals.  In the past, Cvent auto-populated the proposals with the planner's requested commission rate.  That rule has been removed – venues are now able to set their own standard rate.


    For more information on these enhancements, check out these Cvent Community articles:

    Setting Up Default Fields to Speed Up Response Time and Creating a Proposal.

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