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    Posted 06-09-2021 11:03

    PHASE OF EVENT PLANNING: (Event/Web Build, During Event, Post-Event) - RFP Stage/Siting/Selecting 

    WHAT WORKED FOR YOU (DO'S - write at least 2) – 

    • Our hotel sends out a hotel 360 video link with every proposal (ours was completed video in Jan 2020). Ask your hotels when the video and pictures were taken.
    • While video's and pictures are helpful, area's in the hotel may have changed from when the video/pictures where taken.
    • Can't site in person, not a big deal request a virtual tour via facetime.  This has become a very popular "live" siting option for those who can't site in person.
    • Prior to the facetime site, include an e-mail list of everything you would like to see on the virtual site,
    • Plan enough time to do the full site!
    • Have fun with it! 

        WHAT TO AVOID (DON'TS - write at least 2) –  

      • Don't depend on only website pictures and videos that can be outdated 
      • Ensure that you see more than one overnight guest room
      • Don't rush the site, plan enough time



        Colleen Beck
        Director of Sales & Marketing
        The Westin Tampa Bay