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Cvent Customer Week - Event Cloud Product Roadmap Q&A

  • 1.  Cvent Customer Week - Event Cloud Product Roadmap Q&A

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-27-2021 11:22
    Hello all! We hosted a great session 'The Latest scoop on the Event Cloud Product Roadmap' during Cvent Customer Week, and now wanted to share some additional Q&A that we did not cover during the live session. Check out the responses below, and if you have any additional questions for our team feel free to share them on this thread and an expert will get back to you soon.


    Can I record using Studio?
    Yes! You can record your entire webinar and download the file for other purposes, or you can pre-record content within Cvent Studio, load it as a media asset, and play it back during your event, webinar, or presentation.

    Is there a limit to the number of presenters and support team members that can be in the Cvent Studio at the same time?
    You can have up to 25 total participants, which includes directors/support and presenters, 10 of which can have their cameras enabled.

    Will there be an additional charge for using Studio?
    Cvent Studio is going to be included free of charge for anyone currently licensing Attendee Hub.

    Where can I find a chart or listing of the features available on VAH website versus app?

    Because these products are not directly comparable feature to feature, we do not currently have an outline of the features for a side-by-side look. Please consult your account team to discuss the advantages of each and help you strategize for your upcoming events.

    Can you provide your own Zoom links for Stages, or do we need to use Cvent's?

    Yes, you are able to use your own links within Stages. We have created this enhancement to be as user friendly as possible, allowing you to use almost any vendor.

    Can you link your vendor marketplace event to an event in EM?
    This is not a feature in the initial release. However, you will be able to link your CSN RFP to a Vendor Marketplace event.

    What are some of the product enhancements that can help me plan a safer in-person meeting?

    There are many improvements we've been making to ensure that your meetings and events are safe for all who attend. Here are the highlights-

    • You are able to provide the mobile app as a single touchpoint for attendees at the event – Allow them to know where they're going, where they need to be, and with whom they're meeting. Planners can easily communicate timely push notifications as well.
    • OnArrival provides an (optional) contactless experience and fast check-in to minimize crowding when attendees show up to the event.
    • Session check-in has mobile and stand-alone options to minimize staff and scanning at a distance while managing capacities that meet health criteria at your event.
    • Appointments can be made pre-event to allow for better planning, spacing, and timing to ensure attendee safety expectations.
    • Reporting allows planners to see congested spots (if any) during check-in, understand capacity, and get more profound insights into what content resonated best with attendees based on session ratings.
    • Access the Cvent Supplier Network (our free venue sourcing tool) and use the meeting space capacity calculator to determine the space you need with distancing considered.
    • Browse the Source Safely resource hub within the Supplier Network to get up-to-date health and safety information from hotel chains, independent venues, destinations and more.
    • Use Diagramming and Seating to lay out your event space with distancing, health and safety in mind. The diagram check feature gives insight into where your layout falls short of requirements.

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