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  • 1.  Tips & Tricks for Event Emails

    Posted 02-17-2021 12:28
    Edited by Danielle Czark 02-17-2021 12:29

    Hi, all! For this edition of Tip of the Week, we are excited to review all things emails. Cvent has made great enhancements in the past years to be your event marketing platform as well as your event management platform. Not only that, but the system has great ways to save you time while building and managing your events, and therefore improve your registrants' experiences overall.

    Here are a few tips broken out into the different features of an Event Email:

    Settings: Many excellent settings exist to take your emails to the next level.

    • Advanced Settings: Access this within Promotion & Communication > Event Emails > Select Email > Advanced Settings tab.
      • Send an additional copy: Need to make sure your executive attendee's assistant receives all of the communications, too? Add the CC Email Address through this 'Send an additional copy' setting to make sure everyone who needs to stay in the know does.
      • Advanced Filters: Need to drill down on your audience even further from the general settings? Use the Advanced Filters to filter by standard contact fields, custom contact fields, or key registration fields.
        • Some interesting examples: Email Address Domain, Registration Type, Amount Due, or Reference ID.
        • A great example I've seen: Want to send different Registration Confirmation emails based on Registration Type? Disable the default Registration Confirmation email, then duplicate it to become a custom version of itself. Now, you can apply the filter for the different Registration Types.

    Design & Build: When you are ready to get into the content and design, you will access the Email Designer by clicking the Design Email button, just like the Site Designer if you are already comfortable with your Flex website and registration.

    • Settings: Within the email drop-down menu on the left, you will see all emails listed, including sessions. Next to each email, there is a gear icon to configure more settings.
      • Enable Click-Tracking: If click tracking and marketing is important to you through these communications, be sure to toggle the "Enabled Click-Tracking for HTML email" setting on here.
        • See all of the details and data through the Click Tracking report in your event.
    • Theme:
      • Match your event branding – To save you time and keep your design on par with the rest of the event, simply match your email theme to your event theme when setting it in the design.
        • Access the Theme settings from the menu on the right and you will see Event Theme listed first. Click 'Apply' and you are all set.
    • Save the Date: Did you know a Save the Date email was created as a type of email? Use this when you aren't quite ready to launch your event, but need to get the word and dates out there. You can send this without the event being launched. Find this within the Pre-Registration section of your event emails.
    • Use data tags: We're sure you are familiar with data tags, and many of the default event emails come with suggested ones in their content. To take it a step further, you can always customize the text of the data tag to fit your organization's terminology or call-to-action more.
      • When you are editing the text section of your email and add a data tag, click your cursor directly after the colon and before the brackets. Then, type the wording you would like to see and it will automatically update in the canvas to your left. See the example below to change the RSVP Yes link to Sign Up Now for a virtual webinar.

    Send Settings:

    • Use Advanced Search: Sometimes you need to drill down a bit further in your target audience. Maybe you don't want to adjust the overall audience and send settings, or apply a filter, but you still need to send the email to the specific group.
      • When you are looking to do so, hover over the Send dropdown and select Manually. On the right, you will see an Advanced Search button. Now, you can search by various fields and filters, and choose to manually send at that time.


    Like many of the features and functionality in the Cvent platform, emails can be used in different ways depending on your use case and needs. We hope these tips help you expand your skills!

    Questions for You:

    • What is your favorite tip & trick related to emails (whether that be event, session, exhibitor, or other)?
    • Which email report do you find the most valuable to measure your success?

    As always, feel free to share any additional tips, feedback, or questions below! #CventTip


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Tips & Tricks for Event Emails

    Posted 02-18-2021 06:53


    We have been trying to find a working solution how to show the sessions in the order confirmation including the naming, date and time.

    If we use the data tags for session {[C-MY SESSIONS:ONR]} {[SS-START DATE]}, {[SS-START TIME]}, the sessions are shown, but the date and time is only shown for some of the sessions. It seems like the datatags are connected to a certain session and not including all sessions.

    After being in contact with the support numerous of times, we tried the data tag for agenda {[C-MY AGENDA:ANN]}. The content didn't show in a proper way (it looked really bad, please check attached screen shot) so then we tried the My agenda widget. That one shows the content we want, but we would like to change the order of name of the session, date, time, location as it is possible to do in the site designer in the agenda widget (please check attached screen shot).

    Is there another solution how to show the selected sessions in the order confirmation without using the session emails? We don't want the attendee to receive multiple order confirmation when signing up for the sessions, only one email with all the information included.

    Datatag My agenda
    Agenda widget Site Designer
    My agenda widget
    // Elli

    Elli Holm
    Technical product manager
    Bonnier News AB

  • 3.  RE: Tips & Tricks for Event Emails

    Posted 02-19-2021 14:07
    HI Elli,

    I would agree that the My Agenda widget is the best option here, however unfortunately we are not able to rearrange how the sessions appear. I would recommend submitting this feedback within the "Ideas" tab of the community, as our product team looks at this directly and can help make improvements to the platform.

    Erica Wise
    Lead Client Success Advisor

  • 4.  RE: Tips & Tricks for Event Emails

    Posted 02-19-2021 16:15
    Edited by Steven Schlossman 02-19-2021 16:29
    • What is your favorite tip & trick related to emails (whether that be event, session, exhibitor, or other)?

    Sometimes I can't filter my event emails down to what I need using the advanced filter, so...

    I use custom contact fields and filter by those.
    My target audience may be varied where I need to look at my attendee list and pick and choose certain people.
    I export first name, last name, and email to excel. My custom contact field may be called C-EMAIL1.
    C-MAIL1 might be the word GALA. Import back into my contact list. Then I can use the advanced filter using C-EMAIL1 = GALA.

    There are times when I import USPO tracking numbers into a contact field. Then I can filter using C-EMAIL1 NOT BLANK.
    There are many uses for this.

    Cc: address
    I use this to send texts. I ask for the attendee's mobile number and cellphone carrier. I include, by providing your cell phone carrier you agree to receiving few texts regarding this event. Also a custom contact field formatted for email (C-SMS). Export first name, last name, email, mobile, carrier. in the C-SMS column.  For instance, Verizon would be It has drawbacks that people will get two messages. One email and the other text. And only goes to the invitee. Can't send to the guest.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America