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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 4, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 4, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 03-04-2021 13:23
    Happy Thursday, Cvent Community! Can you believe it's March again already? Mentally I am still in March 2020. Anyways, today we've got a handful of exciting updates to share across #VirtualAttendeeHub and #Surveys - check 'em out below!


    Attendee Hub


    Gamification (web): You can now add a custom Game to your Attendee Website. By finishing the sets of tasks you've created, attendees complete challenges and earn badges, with the ability to track their progress along the way.

    Session Chat: You can now enable session chat for the Attendee Website, allowing registrants to react to content and engage with each other in real-time during specific sessions.

    Exhibitor Custom Field Filters: You can now designate Exhibitor Custom Fields that will be filterable from the Attendee Hub (web) Exhibitor List. Attendees can discover relevant exhibitors specific to their interests through a new dropdown filter for Exhibitor Custom Fields. These filters can be combined with the existing filtering capabilities, as well as the Exhibitor Search feature.

    Session Filters: Attendees will now be able to filter the session list based on session category and session time (morning is 12am-11:59am, afternoon 12pm-5:59pm, and evening 6pm-11:59pm). An attendee can make multiple selections within a filter which should apply 'or' logic. Ex. Session category ______ OR ______. Attendees can also make selections from multiple filters which should apply 'and' logic. Ex. Session category ______ AND session time ______. Filters will be applied only to the date tab in which the attendee is browsing, however, the filters will persist as the attendee clicks through the different days of the event.

    Custom Privacy Policy (web): You can now use the same custom privacy policy from your Flex Registration site on the Attendee Hub website.

    Planner Manual Actions: As a planner, you can now manually perform the following actions from the Virtual Session tab for Cvent Video Conferencing and Cvent Video Player:

    • Start Zoom meeting, end Zoom meeting, get recording
    • Start live stream, end live stream
    • Reset all meeting links


    Surveys Premium for Flex Events

    Display Survey Scores on Survey Home:
    The Survey home page has been updated to display survey scores awarded to attendees. Attendees can view their general and session scores once they complete their surveys.

    Surveys Premium (Standalone Surveys)

    Survey Close and Archive Date:
    You can now add a close date to your survey. This will automatically close the survey on that date and responses won't be accepted after that point. Close and archive dates are optional and can be left blank.

    Legacy Surveys

    Response Details by Respondent Report:
    A new report has been added to the Legacy Survey solution. With the same structure as Answer Details by Respondents in Legacy Reports, this report gives you the ability to navigate to different pages. Each respondent has one page and you can view a respondent's answers on a single page.





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