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  • 1.  Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-02-2020 10:39
    We will be hosting a virtual conference that will be managed by Zoom and we are looking for a solution that would automate the integration of our CVENT registrants. I've discovered a couple of solutions to do this but I was wondering if anyone had some experience with this and any suggestions.

    Marc Slovak
    Director of Informatics
    The Renfrew Center Foundation

  • 2.  RE: Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-05-2020 08:23
    You should talk to your cvent representative. There's a cost to integrating with Zoom and they have to flip a switch in the background. Once you're integrated though you can use zoom on as many events as you'd like according to your zoom license.

    Amy Jones
    Assistant Conference and Event Coordinator and Marketing
    Georgia Southern University Division of Continuing Education

  • 3.  RE: Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-05-2020 10:54
    We just got the Zoom integration for this very reason. It's brand new and needs some improvement, but it is saving us a lot of time and preventing "double" registration for our attendees. One HUGE disappointment for me is that there is no "add to calendar" option. We've asked that they add that... as "add to calendar" is EXPECTED as standard in any webinar these days.

    Talk to your Cvent rep!

    Lori wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-17-2020 09:21
    Hi there, so I had a Cvent/Zoom demo and for me the biggest issue is timezone, as in Cvent doesn't have this when the participant registers...mainly because we have so many different countries involved across the road. 

    Two additional questions I had were
    1) @Lori Wildman are you using Zoom or Cvent for people to register? If it's Cvent the way I have got round the add to calendar is to create the event as a session but it is hidden so then you can drop it into confirmation emails or whatever you need.  It actually works better than the Cvent add to calendar button for the website that is the standard one as you can put much more text in. So right now we use WebEx and don't have the integration but we could put call-in details and meeting etiquette and tech help. 

    2) There's a new feature to log virtual event are any of you using this? NOt really sure what the point is apart from Cvent adding something extra as from what I saw when I got both Webex and Zoom demos it was creating the meeting for you in the respective platform.  Here it's asking us to manually add in.  If anyone uses it and find value in it would be good to hear?

    Anna Friday
    Events Planner
    U.s. Soybean Export Council

  • 5.  RE: Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-22-2020 17:12
    Hi Marc,

    Do you use Crowd Compass as an app by any chance? You can push all of your Cvent data into the app and then zoom automatically integrates so that when an attendee clicks into their sessions through the app, it pops up with the zoom link in the same place they would usually find the room number or location of that session. 

    I haven't set ours up yet but from the videos and articles I've read, it appears to be pretty seamless.

    Good luck!

    Sharna Pascolo
    Program Director
    Texas Society of Architects

  • 6.  RE: Integration with Zoom Meetings

    Posted 06-23-2020 09:16
    Thanks for your reply Sharna. We don't use Crowd Compass but I've come up with an easy solution of simply having an after registration page with my links. Since oom accepts a simple csv file of attendees, auto integration isn't that important. I appreciate your reply. Good luck to you as well.

    Marc Slovak
    Director of Informatics
    The Renfrew Center Foundation