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  • 1.  Talk to as many people as possible

    Posted 06-09-2021 14:57

    Two of my team members and I were fortunate enough to attend Cvent Connect 2019. This was our first time and not sure what to expect. One thing we learned very quickly is to introduce yourself to anyone and strike up a conversation. Most likely it is that person's first time too and so much could be learned from each other on how each uses the Cvent Platforms. You or they may have the answer to a problem or a work-around solution you have implemented.

    One of the first sessions we attended was with David Quattrone talking about upcoming features in Flex. After the presentation, he was side stage taking the extra time to answer questions that couldn't be answered during the time frame of the session. My coworker and I spent 10-15 minutes talking to David about adding an HTML/code widget and we ended up getting deep into the weeds about code and programming in general. It was very eye-opening that Cvent and all the employees are truly there for your support and needs. 

    During the conference, I was able to talk to both Reggie Aggarwal and Chuck Ghoorah. Both were just walking, I introduced myself and team members and in both instances, they actually took the time again another 10-15 minutes to talk to us. I expected a quick planetary interaction, but Reggie and Chuck stopped talked, listened, ask questions, and made us feel included in the full Cvent Connect experience. 

    My advice is to introduce yourself to as many people as possible and ask all your questions in the sessions attend.


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  • 2.  RE: Talk to as many people as possible

    Posted 06-09-2021 15:25
    David is very approachable. He never once turned away as I approached him. :)

    I remember mentioning how the support section needed to be updated. I don't even remember what it looked like back then. :)
    I was told, change is coming and was introduced to Jodi. And here we are now. Thanks Jodi!

    I found everyone I spoke with very approachable too. I probably got more out of Connect talking in the hallways than in breakouts or general session.

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