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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 6, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 6, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-06-2022 10:30

    Happy New Year! We are thankful to start out 2022 with some great community members! And some exciting #AttendeeHub, Registration, #OnArrival, and API releases.


    Attendee Hub


    On Demand Page

    When you allow attendees to view session videos after the session ends, attendees can access the On Demand Catalogue, as long as the video uses Cvent Video Player. CVP Video content marked as available for on demand will display in chronological order for attendees to consume content any point post session. Planners can control on-demand page visibility based on registration type and admission item

    Exhibitor Categories

    This feature lets you group exhibitors and sponsors in order for attendees to more easily and efficiently find exhibitors that are meaningful to them. Categories are shown in Attendee Hub as cards, and navigation has been implemented to easily move between them. Additionally, exhibitors' logos can be featured on the cards through the Exhibitor Management configuration workflow. The initial release is for Attendee Hub Web. Event App will follow.

    Single Sign On (OAuth)

    Attendees are now able to log in to Attendee Hub Web and Event App using Single Sign On (OAuth) in order to have a more secure and seamless login experience. Planners must have a flex event set up with OAuth. SSO support for AH is all or nothing login (AH will not support per registration path).

    Event App

    Session Surveys in Event App

    If a survey is available for a session (configured and active) and the attendee meets the necessary criteria to participate in that survey (session registrant), they will see the survey in session details. Once the survey becomes available (during the correct time window and assuming, if required, the attendee is marked a participant at that point), the attendee will be provided with a prompt to take the survey. When clicking on the prompt to take the survey, the survey module will open in a web view to that sessions specific survey, for the attendee to complete.

    Limitation: We are not support visibility logic for displaying the take survey button to only specific audiences, however, if an attendee doesn't qualify to take the survey based on that visibility logic when they land on the survey they will see an error screen and won't actually be able to complete the survey.



    Added the ability to search for an answer choice 

    If you have a single answer question or custom contact field with more than 12 answer choices, registrants will now be able to search for their answer, as long as it's displayed in a drop down. 


    Restrict Flight Requests for Non-Registrants

    You will be able to now restrict invitees from placing flight requests for non-registrants. This will be controlled by a new setting in Flight Request Widget which when disabled will hide the "Add a Passenger" option in the dropdown on the guest side.


    Embedded Registration

    You will now be able to embed registration on external sites to encourage higher visibility and volume of registrations. Widgets created within Marketing > Embedded Widgets will draw off of the full registration process created in the site designer and leverage the theme configured for the event. The header and event website have been removed to allow for a cleaner experience alongside external website content, free from redirects and "site within a site" look and feel.

    • Registrations may be collected through both the Cvent Registration Process and Embedded Registration simultaneously, or function individually.
    • The embedded preview allows for immediate visibility and navigation of the experience.
    • Domains may be defined explicitly for security purposes, and reference ID's may be utilized at the domain level, overall widget level, or both to better visualize the success of incoming registrations through various channels.
    • Google Analytics, utm parameters, and code snippets connecting other analytic platforms will function through the embedded registration along with all site designer configurations for registration (Ex: Custom Logic, Partial Registration, etc.)

    Future iterations of Embedded Widgets will include:
    • External authentication support
    • Custom and Saved Themes
    • Defined starting Registration Path
    • Localization
    • Alternative embedded widgets: Website Agenda, Speakers, Countdown Timer, and more



    Attendee Contact Tracing report

    You have a new report for events using OnArrival to see which attendees were in the same sessions and appointments as a selected attendee. This is useful for contact-tracing after an event. You can select a single attendee, and view all attendees present in sessions and appointments with the attendee.


    Additional REST API Access

    Following the launch of Professional and Enterprise tiers for REST API, a new tier is available for all Cvent customers. The Essentials tier allows you to invite their developers to sign up and try REST APIs. Developers can freely evaluate the APIs, build and test integrations, and engage with other developers on Cvent community. Before deploying integrations into production, developers should reach out to their account admins to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise tier.

    Essentials tier is limited to 1,000 calls per day.
    • 15,000 calls per day for Professional Tier
    • 500,000 calls per day for Enterprise Tier



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