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  • 1.  Data Tag Hyperlinks

    Posted 01-15-2021 18:15
    Hi there - 

    Does anybody know if you can make a hyperlink a data tag. Instead or constantly copying and pasting a few links on the website, it would be awesome to be able to just make a data tag.

    Bridget Flynn
    Federal Reserve System

  • 2.  RE: Data Tag Hyperlinks

    Posted 01-20-2021 10:22
    Is there a reason you're looking for it to be a link instead of just a data tag? You can insert wording to hyperlink a data tag.

    You can change the default text in a Link data tag by adding ": your text" between the data tag and closing brackets. For example, {[E-RSVP YES LINK]} adds a hyperlink to registration that reads "Yes." If you want to change that to "Register Here," you would modify the tag to {[E-RSVP YES LINK: Register Here]}. 

    Rachel Sigley
    Sr. Brand Marketing Manager
    Tata America International Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Data Tag Hyperlinks

    Posted 01-21-2021 08:07
    Hi Bridget,

    With Classic you used to be able to create HTML custom data tags, but not with Flex. Perhaps they'll have the feature available in the future. Although I believe I've seen it mentioned before that you can create HTML custom data tags at the account level and use them on Flex sites. I haven't tried it myself though. They're located under Admin > General > Custom Data Tags.

    Lauren Becker
    Travel, Meetings & Incentives Web Content Coordinator

  • 4.  RE: Data Tag Hyperlinks

    Posted 01-22-2021 15:47
    Hi Bridget - I had asked this question also and Cvent stated that this is slated to happen for Flex, just not sure of the timing. I did add all of my data tags at the Admin level and seems to be working. The meeting planners have to take extra steps going out of their event and going into the Admin side to update the data tags, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully they will have this available soon.

    Linda White
    Marketing Communications Specialist