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  • 1.  What feedback are venues receiving from event planners for future events?

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-01-2021 11:09

    Hello, Community members! Wow, we're officially in February, and kicking off our next Huddle of the Week discussion. While we do not know quite how the world will continue to change in the next months, we do expect our industry to continue to adapt and move forward successfully.

    Hybrid events are still an unfamiliar piece to many, and we heard some feedback and honest concerns from event professionals a few weeks back. Now, we would like to hear from our venue and supplier audiences on what you are hearing from your event partners and how you are ready to handle any new experiences that come your way:

    • For venues, what type of constructive feedback/suggestions are you receiving from your event planners who are hosting/planning to host hybrid or in-person events at your properties in 2021?
    • For event professionals, what suggestions would you have for your venue partners when you are ready to begin planning a hybrid/in-person event at their property?

    Let us know any thoughts, ideas, and questions below! We look forward to reading about your industry collaborations. #HuddleoftheWeek #VoiceIt


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: What feedback are venues receiving from event planners for future events?

    Posted 02-03-2021 13:48
    My best advice to venues is they have to have more realisitc cancelation policies for the future. The heavily weighted policies greatly favoring the venues is not longer going to be acceptable. They also are going to have to be way more reasonable on rooms to space ratio. For the future it is going to take a lot more meeting space with a lot less people for inperson events.  They need to offer quality solutions for hyrid events at their properties. AV providers need to change and broaden their scope.

    Scott Sward
    Global Travel and Events Manager
    Viewpoint, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: What feedback are venues receiving from event planners for future events?

    Posted 02-04-2021 10:46
    As an event planner, I think an open line of communication regarding any current practices or changed practices for social distancing is a must. Our company uses many different venues and donated spaces across the U.S. and throughout 85 countries worldwide. It is rare that any two of those companies have similar policies or procedures for social distancing for large groups, multiple spaces, movement to and from spaces, and during food & beverage times. Having a library of information and the most up-to-date changes gives an event planner the tools needed to make appropriate choices for a venue to best serve their constituents.

    Amanda Adams
    Mid-Atlantic Territory Client Services Coordinator
    Cognia, Inc.