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  • 1.  Apple Wallet - Crowdcompass app Notifications

    Posted 01-12-2022 09:13

    Hi All!

    I would like to know if anybody had used Apple wallet before and send notifications from there. As far as Iknow, you need the help from an external company to do it. 

    We have been checking other ways to send notifications to the attendees different from the emails. I'm aware of crowdocmpass app notifications, but we are investigating apple wallet too.

    Anyone with an experience with it?  We want to know if this is possible and worth it! 

    Also, any kind of feedback from crowdcompass notifications will be also very helpful, since we have not tried it yet!

    Thank you!!!


    Laura Blasi Mas
    Bayer AG

  • 2.  RE: Apple Wallet - Crowdcompass app Notifications

    Posted 01-12-2022 15:14

    Hi Laura, 

    We have created the apple wallet passes; it has a QR code for the attendees to scan upon arrival at the event for easy check in. Is that what you are trying to do? 

    It isnt a product to send out notifications. That would be more of an app situation and using push notifications. CrowdCompass or the cvent event app can do that. 

    Let me know if you have any questions for me :) 

    Hayley Contegiacomo
    Chief Operating Officer
    Huddle Agency

  • 3.  RE: Apple Wallet - Crowdcompass app Notifications

    Posted 01-13-2022 05:12

    Hi Hayley,

    Thank you for your answer!

    Yes, we know about QR Code from apple wallet, but we wanted to send notificacions from the wallet, so I'm assuming this is not possible.

    We will be trying the following weeks Crowdcompass notifications. It doesn't seem too complicated. 

    Is Event app the same as On-Arrival app? or you are talking about a different one?

    Thank you!!

    Laura Blasi Mas
    Bayer AG