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  • 1.  Abstract Management for a Hybrid Event

    Posted 03-17-2021 11:40

    Hi, Community members! Happy Wednesday and St. Patrick's Day 😊 We're here with our next edition of Tip of the Week.

    Although we may not have an exact timeline of when in-person (and therefore hybrid) events will return, we have positive outlooks for 2021 and beyond. With hybrid events becoming top-of-mind for many, today we wanted to look at preparing your call for speakers for a hybrid event through Abstract Management.

    Here at Cvent, we're excited for a hybrid Cvent CONNECT in Vegas this summer, and have that in mind when collecting our session and speaker submissions.

    Use the Home Page to the fullest:

    • When working in the Project Site Designer, include as much information as you need through a Text Content Widget on the Home Page.
      • This can include health & safety protocol details, information about the hybrid event, and information about the abstract process.
    • Use the default widgets, such as Event Start Date, Project Description, Project Deadline, and Submit Button both on your Home Page and on the Header/Navigation. This will allow your authors and reviewers to easily see the most important details.

    Customize the Submission Process for virtual or in-person formats:

    • When configuring your Topics in the Submission Stage, keep virtual or in-person in mind so your author knows what they are noting in their submission.
      • This can be configured by simply appending a word to a topic, such as "Event Training - Virtual" vs. "Event Training – In-Person."
      • You could also fully separate the topics based on your virtual and in-person experiences.
    • Ask a custom question.
      • As you may have seen if you're submitting a session for Cvent CONNECT, we are asking a question of "Preferred Presentation Format" and have the choices of "Virtual Presenter, In-Person Presenter, and No Preference." This gives the author the option to note their preference, which will keep them comfortable with their involvement, while also helping you as the event planner organize your submissions and potential sessions.
    • Similar to configuring your Topics to meet the needs of a hybrid event, you can do the same with your Presentation Types.
      • Within the Submission Stage Settings, there are many default Presentation Type fields such as Poster Presentation, Roundtable Discussion, and more.
      • You can choose to customize these default types, or add entirely new ones that fit your event's structure more.
      • Then, within the Project Site Designer, be sure to add the Presentation Type widget into the Submission Process pages.

    Keep communication clear and organized:

    • Within your Abstract Management project, you have several default emails to use, or you can create your own custom emails.
      • Add your own messaging and text to ensure a potential speaker understands their requirements and virtual vs. in-person format.
      • Update the default Submission Acceptance email to include extra details on this process.
      • Create custom emails for in-person or virtual speakers, which would include relevant details such as travel and registration discounts for in-person, compared to Attendee Hub speaker instructions for virtual.
    • Once you are ready to accept the submissions and use the Session Scheduler in your Abstract project, be sure to include updated Locations for Virtual/Attendee Hub or In-Person/Venue Rooms. This is also where Topics can be used to stay organized when looking at the Session Scheduling Calendar at a glance.
    • Lastly, use the Speaker Resource Center to assign and manage speaker tasks that may vary for each experience.
      • Within the Speaker Resource Center, you can collect documents/files/bios, edit or update session information, and send emails to the designated speakers.


    Questions for You:

    • Have you customized your Abstract Management process already for virtual or hybrid events? If so, what tips would you share with your peers?
    • How can Cvent help you manage your hybrid events further?


    Let us know your tips and questions below! #CventTip


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Abstract Management for a Hybrid Event

    Posted 03-23-2021 13:05
    We are still in a 100% virtual event landscape but are hopefully to start being able to host inperson/hybrid in Q42021/Q12022. 

    Being able to have one platform (like Cvent) that can accommodate both from start to finish (registration to event experience) is really important for our team. There might be some folks who have to change their plans at the last minute and still being able to offer them a virtual event experience will be critical for engagement. Having that clear communication with your attendees, specifying what is virtual and what is in person for registration, etc. will be very important to your attendees and planners. 

    Since its still the early phase for many, maybe if the Cvent platform would allow you to color code event paths (virtual vs in person sessions) that would help planners and attendees make sure they have everything straight. For planners anything to help make sure you have duplicated everything correctly for each track will be beneficial.

    Megan Ridgway
    Sr. Specialist, Event Operations
    S&P Global Market Intelligence(PreviouslySNL Financial LC)

  • 3.  RE: Abstract Management for a Hybrid Event

    Posted 03-23-2021 13:20
    Many presenters are still getting used to presenting in a Virtual format. I would create a custom email that points them (breadcrumbs here, step 1, step 2, etc) to get them accustomed to the Virtual format. 

    My experience has been that my live onsite presenters are EXCELLENT. They show up, just need to know where the room is, occasionally ask for an AV resource to get a particular kind of cable or dongle, and BOOM, they are off and running.

    So have your Virtual as well as your Live Onsite required items in custom emails. 

    Also, be sure to add your presenters as contacts in and I suggest using internal info fields for Virtual (Yes or No) and Live Onsite (Yes and No) so that you can use the advanced filtering to send emails to those presenters to whom the material applies.

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States

  • 4.  RE: Abstract Management for a Hybrid Event

    Posted 03-25-2021 08:34
    We do not actually use the abstract function, as all our events are training events that we provide to our clients and prospects, and our SMEs just work directly with our event team to provide their presentations. However, I appreciate the tips you have shared, as they are very helpful when considering how to properly manage a hybrid event and do the best we can to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. 

    On a different note,
    It appears that Cvent is attempting to direct clients into the Attendee Hub. I don't see the need for it in our case, and am wondering where this leaves those of us who are perfectly happy to stay with the original platform? I would be curious to hear from Attendee Hub users what compelled them to switch, and what they feel the benefits are. Perhaps that could be a future group discussion?

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.