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Post COVID Meeting Procedures

  • 1.  Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-08-2020 10:33
    Hi, has anyone put together any guidelines or suggestions for the future when we can start having on-site meetings again as far as cleaning rooms, spacing people out, handling meals, etc.?  We hold meetings at our conference center and want to have some guidelines in place. Thank you for any suggestions.

    Jayne Ferro
    Support Staff Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-15-2020 15:34
    Hey Jayne,

    I'm probably just stating the obvious, but I think you'll probably have to wait for the CDC and NY State (assuming that's where you are) to put out guidelines so that you ensure you've got the right science and protocols behind whatever your team decides to do when you're able to open back up.

    Stacy Wright
    Event Manager, Commercial Excellence
    Galderma Laboratories, L.P..

  • 3.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-15-2020 16:42
    HI Stacy and thank you for your response. I agree - we really have to wait for government guidelines.

    Jayne Ferro
    Support Staff Specialist

  • 4.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-16-2020 11:49
    Hello Jayne,

    in addition to guidance from official authorities, I am considering polling some of our potential attendees informally to try to determine their comfort level with in-person events and their expectations about spacing. For many of us, we already compete for space so I am sure it will not be easy to arrange meeting spaces to ensure up to 6' of space between participants. There are a lot of psychological components weighing in on when people will once again  be willing to travel on a plane or sit next to someone at a conference. I suspect that whatever meetings we have in the next 12 months will be much smaller groups so we can space people appropriately. In terms of sanitizing spaces, I am always grateful for facilities maintenance crews doing such great work behind the scenes. I hope the agents they are using are not too caustic.

    I'd be interested in hearing from you on what goes in to your decision making about resuming on-site meetings once you get the green light!

    Stay well!

    Laurel Ragaller
    Eller Executive Education

  • 5.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-16-2020 12:30

    Hi and thank you for your insight. I thinking polling attendees is a great idea and I'm going to make that suggestion. I will definitely let you know when we come up with some guidelines.


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    Jayne Ferro,

    Support Staff Specialist

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  • 6.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-17-2020 07:02
    My boss and I were just talking about how food & beverage will look. We usually serve hors d'oeuvres and people won't want to share serving utensils in our new reality.  Will either need to have an attendant/server or serve the food pre-packaged. I joked we needed those Sargento packages of cheese and nuts.

    Maribeth Bluyus
    Edelman Financial Engines

  • 7.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-18-2020 16:52
    We're just going to wait and see how it all shakes out - I'm sure the venues will have the details on what they must do.

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme McMilllen & Associates

  • 8.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-20-2020 10:37
    The biggest item we are looking at right now is breaking everything up into smaller groups. Capping the room sizes and holding a higher number of smaller sessions where folks can rotate between speakers instead of everyone being in one massive session at a time. When it comes to food look to have boxed lunches and stagger your meal times for attendees. Staying away from buffets will help keep item contact down and space folks out more too.

    Megan Ridgway
    Sr. Specialist, Event Operations
    S&P Global Market Intelligence(PreviouslySNL Financial LC)

  • 9.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-20-2020 14:28
    Thank you for starting this discussion! We have summer face to face events that we still have on the books at this time (monitoring the situations closely and establishing our "Go-No Go" Dates. But in the event we have the face to face events we want to have a guideline we provide to our venues for our requirements and requests for sets (also taking into account their new rules and the CDC and Government of the pertinent city being taken into account). So far, our biggest questions I would like ideas on are:
    ~What does the new on-site check in process look like? The minimum is 1 station per 6', but we are thinking of having more locations to check in (in most of our cities, we are multiple properties, but even having check-in in several different areas in one property"
    ~What does Theatre Style General Session look like? Set all the chairs and tape off seats for a 6' distance between them? or eliminate Theatre Style altogether?
    ~More specific staggering of Lunch Breaks?
    ~How to provide similar food options in the same time frames without doing a traditional buffet? We are thinking grab and go with pre-packaged items?

    We can't exactly ask most of our venue contacts at the moment since they are on furlough, so I thought I would ask here and we already have an open discussion happening :) Let me know your thoughts!

    Rebecca Cranor
    Meeting Manager, Events
    AVID Center

  • 10.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-20-2020 16:21
    I'll be happy to share our ideas once we get some guidelines.

    Jayne Ferro
    Support Staff Specialist

  • 11.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-21-2020 10:30
    We are currently considering the following:
    • limiting meeting size and increasing our space per attendee. 
    • creating a schedule to sanitize between sessions. 
    • create hand sanitizer stations in each room. 
    • only allow set-ups with 1 person per table.
    • create a traffic flow for entering and exiting meeting space to minimize cross traffic between attendees. 
    • only allow grab-and-go catering items that are prepackaged. 

    Amanda Chapman
    Event Coordinator
    Employers Mutual Casualty Company

  • 12.  RE: Post COVID Meeting Procedures

    Posted 04-21-2020 14:50
    Excellent discussion. I'm interested in the ways people are imparting new guidelines to clients as well. Not every attendee reads every email. The hurry up and wait for CDC always for a lot of thought on this subject.

    Amy Jones
    Assistant Conference and Event Coordinator and Marketing
    Georgia Southern University Division of Continuing Education