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Weekly Product Release Notes - May 12, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - May 12, 2022

    Posted 05-12-2022 10:25
    April showers might bring May flowers, but this month we will be showering you with product enhancements! This week we have some great #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), and #NewExperience updates!


    Attendee Hub

    In-Person Event Types: Time Zone Default

    When logging into Attendee Hub, attendees for In-Person event types will now be defaulted to viewing in the Event time zone instead of Device time zone. Hybrid and virtual event types will remain set to default time zone.

    Profile Action Buttons Priority Update

    This feature changes the priority of the actions buttons that appear both on the Profile as well Attendees List to favor the Schedule Appointments action. This allows events that utilize Appointments functionality to surface this action to attendees as the primary method for connecting. If Appointments is disabled, the next action in the list becomes the prioritized primary action button.

    The presence of each action button is dictated by whether or not the feature is enabled and follows the below order:
    1. Schedule Appointment
    2. Send Message

    Increase to "Headline" Field Character Limit

    This increases the character limit of the "Headline" field within the Attendee Profile to 220 characters. We've increased this count based on feedback in order to accommodate the types of Headlines that attendees are looking to showcase. This new character count of 220 matches corresponding fields on other social media sites making it easy for attendees to reuse this field from existing profiles, if they would like.

    Event Management


    HOP payment processor support on post-registration pages

    We are adding the support of HOP payment processors on the post-registration payment widget. You can accept the payments using the following processors:

    • TouchNet
    • Paypal Express
    • Net SIM
    • Cybersource Secure Acceptance
    • WPM

    For these processors, you need to configure this during registration payment widget and then the configurations will be reflected in the post-registration payment widget. When using the test mode, all the Hop Processors will be disabled. Support for partial payments will come at a future date.


    Consent Questions & Translations Rich-Text Editor

    This update provides a rich-text editor for consent questions within Site Designer for the primary language and within Language Management for the respective translations. You can customize and style your consent questions in both the primary and secondary languages with rich-text (e.g. bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc). These will also show up in as rich-text in relevant emails and when the consent questions are used as data tag.

    For the primary language, this can be set up in the Site Designer within the consent question. However, you will not see the rich text editor for existing questions. For the secondary language, after the consent question is added, it can be edited within Language Mangaement.


    New Experience


    Event Lock Policy Support - Events Home Page

    Event lock policy is used to Lock certain areas/pages/features based on specific criteria.

    • You can now see a Lock Banner on the home page when event is locked because of a policy
    • An override request can be submitted to unlock the event
    • Cancel Event button on the home page will be greyed out if the event is locked for editing

    Note: All other Event Lock policy functionality is not impacted by this change


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