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  • 1.  Repurposing VAH Tabs

    Posted 06-11-2021 16:18
    Lately we have been very creative in repurposing the exhibitors tab in VAH. We have repurposed it to list tips and tricks on how to navigate VAH. We've also used it to highlight certain topics or people.

    Tanya Nieto-Winzey
    Event Platform Manager, Global Events and Services

  • 2.  RE: Repurposing VAH Tabs

    Community MVP
    Posted 06-22-2021 13:53

    Hi Tanya, 

    Love that you are using the Exhibitor tabs creatively! We've done a coupe of similar things: 
    - added a !Tech Support! exhibitor with links to guides on the VAH + our customer service email address. The !! are there to make it pop up to the top of the alphabet. 
    - since we don't have sponsors but do have different exhibitor categories (internal, external, preferred vendors), we made all the exhibitors sponsors and used the sponsorship levels as categories. Now one tab is "Exhibitors by Category" and the other is "Exhibitor by Name" (we used the VAH language management tab to change that). 
    - on another event that has elections, but no exhibitors, we used the feature as our candidate posters & booths

    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association