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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 1, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 1, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 07-01-2021 11:24
    Edited by Danielle Czark 07-01-2021 11:25

    Hello and happy first of July! Let's review some of the great enhancements for #AttendeeHub, #MeetingsManagement, and #Admin/Reporting, keep reading below.


    Attendee Hub

    Introduced attendee recommendations for the Attendee Website: If you're using Appointments and the attendee list for your event, you can now enable Attendee Recommendations for the Attendee Website. This helps attendees grow their networks by recommending other attendees they should meet and displaying them as suggested matches at the top of the attendee list.

    Added moderation for session chat: Session moderators can now delete any existing message within each session's chat on the attendee website.

    Simplified switching sessions in a session group: Attendees attempting to enroll in a second session in a session group can now swap their enrollment by selecting the new session on the Attendee Website.

    Redesigned the Attendee Website navigation: We've added a new navigation bar to the Attendee Website that groups similar pages together and makes it easier for attendees to discover content. The main color for your Attendee Hub theme will appear as the navigation bar's background color, and the navigation bar's height will dynamically adjust based on the size of the logo you've uploaded.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management 

    Access Portal

    Expiration Dates: While publishing Meeting Request Forms and Reports to an Access Portal, you can now specify a Content expiration date. When this date occurs, the Report or Meeting Request Form will be removed from view in the Access Portal for all users that had viewing rights.

    You can see the upcoming and passed expiration dates for each piece of content on the Content tab of the Access Portal, and can select "Update User Access" to apply an expiration date for a piece of content that's already published.

    Notification Email Preferences: You can now specify while publishing Meeting Request Forms and Reports whether to send an email notification to all users with viewing rights (including Administrators), just portal guests, or choose not to notify anyone.


    Report Tagging: You can now assign tags to reports! When you assign tags to reports, those tags can be used as filters to help you find the report you are looking for. This is currently available on the planner side and will be supported for Access Portal users soon.

    Saved Report Preferences: When you add or remove fields before running a report, the system will remember the ones you added and removed, and will apply those changes automatically for the next report run, whether it's in the same event/survey or a different one.

    Access Portal - Reporting Integration Enhancements:
    - When publishing to an Access Portal, you can choose whether or not to notify all of the users the report is shared with. You can also optionally set an expiry date for the content that will unpublish the content after it has expired.
    - The report list page is now localized to the language the Access Portal is set to.
    - Source product for each report is now listed alongside the report.

    Scheduled Report Changes: The system now checks whether a scheduled report has been viewed or not. If, for a given schedule, 10 reports that have been generated have not been viewed, we will disable the schedule. If you have email notifications enabled for your schedule, the emails will include a warning when you are close to reaching the limit. Alternatively, when you go to the list page for reports, you will see a similar notification at the top when a schedule is close to being disabled or if a schedule was disabled since you last viewed the page. If you get a warning about a scheduled report getting disabled soon that you still need to be generated, simply view one of the existing generated snapshots and the timer will get reset.

    Excel Export Enhancement:
    Header widgets are now exported to Excel.


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