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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2020

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 07-17-2020 10:07
    Below you will find the full list of Q2 2020 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates for #Event(Flex), #MeetingsManagement, #CrowdCompass, #OnArrival, #LeadCapture, #Appointments, #SupplierNetwork, #SocialTables, and #Passkey.

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on August 6th to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person and virtual event strategy. You'll also get the chance to submit questions live to our Product Managers!


    Event Management

    Virtual Event Details for Flex Events: Flex events can now more seamlessly be virtual! You can now select if you want your event to be virtual when creating or modifying your event.
     Once the event is virtual…

    • A new page called "Virtual Event" will be available. Here, you'll be able to enter details about your virtual event like meeting ID, URL to join, password, recording link, etc.
    • A new category of virtual event data tags will be available for post-registration and custom emails. This makes sharing the virtual event details to your attendees easier.
    • You can build your own integrations using the new "Webcast" REST API suite.

    Virtual Sessions for Flex Events:
    Within a virtual Flex event, you can now select if you want your sessions to be virtual when creating or modifying sessions. If the event is virtual, a new tab called "Virtual Session" will be available on the Sessions page. Here, you'll be able to enter details about your virtual session, like the meeting ID, URL to join, password, recording link, etc. A new category of virtual session data tags will also be available for post-registration event emails, custom event emails, and session emails. This makes sharing the virtual session details to attendees easier.

    Attendee Single Sign On (SSO): You can now use SSO to populate your invitee's data on their registration after authentication. The invitees will be required to complete an authentication process in their IDP before accessing the event website and registering for the event. This allows you to make your registration process more secure by only allowing successfully authenticated invitees to register for the event. Go to the Website Authentication section in Events > Website & Registration > Website > Security to set this up.

    Live Video via Video Widget: You now have the ability to play live videos in your Flex events via the Video widget. You just have to paste the link into the Video widget and your video will render on the canvas. Currently, the Video widget supports links from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Keep these limitations in mind when sharing live stream videos.

    Optional Items - Quantity Items: You can now create Quantity Items in your Flex events. The Quantity Items widget can be placed throughout the registration pages and will populate the items that can be purchased during registration. The items shown to the registrant will be based on any visibility restrictions for that registrant, how many items are left, and any minimum/maximum allotments.

    Transfer Registration (Registrant-Side Substitution): You can now allow registrants to transfer their registrations using the "Transfer Registration" widget in your Flex events. If a registrant is no longer able to attend the event, they can transfer their event registration to someone else on the confirmation page. They'll be required to provide the new registrant's first name, last name, and email address.

    Optional Items – Donation Items: You can now collect donations during the registration process through the Donation Items widget in your Flex events. The widget may be placed anywhere in the registration process, and the items will follow any visibility restrictions for the registrants.

    Shell PNR Enhancements: You can now choose to automate PNRs in Flex events. Shell PNR helps ensure the correct PNR is matched with the correct registrant. PNRs will be created within the air request when a registration is submitted. Once it's created, the registrant won't be able to edit or cancel the air request.

    Rich Text Editor Hyperlink: You can now add hyperlinks using the Rich Text Editor outside of the Site Designer. This allows you to do things like link URLs to any website, link documents from the Cvent library, and add "mail to" links.

    ICS file support in the Document Library: Need to share calendar files with your attendees or stakeholders? You can now upload ICS files into your account's Document Library in Admin or within individual events on the Event Documents page. These files can then be opened in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and other calendar programs.

    Longer character limits for numeric custom fields: For numeric custom fields, we've increased the character limit to 15.

    Unregister and decline in bulk: Save time and update the status of up 1,000 invitees or registrants at once. Depending on their status, you can either unregister them from the event or decline the event invitation on their behalf.

    Inactive choices in custom fields: We've added a checkbox that allows you to mark existing custom field choices as active or inactive. Inactive choices will remain available for end users who've already selected them, but they will no longer appear for anyone else. These choices will also remain unchanged in existing events (and meeting requests) where they've been selected. However, new events and requests will hide them. This enhancement will improve data accuracy and continuity by no longer allowing users to choose outdated or irrelevant answers for custom fields. 

    Event Integrations

    Virtual Event Integration Documentation: The Cvent Developer Hub has a new category for the virtual event integrations on the home page. You can learn more about integrations with WebEx, Zoom, GlobalMeet, and GoToWebinar. For more information, visit this page. New documents have been added for Cvent Integrations for sales and marketing systems. They help you have customized, post-event follow-ups with your attendees to keep them engaged.

    Cvent Salesforce App: We're excited to release the newest version of our Cvent Salesforce App. Check out documentation in the Developers Hub to see what's new in Q2.

    Speaker Resource Center

    Custom Footer and Privacy Policy:
     You can now configure your own footer for the Speaker Resource Center and include your own links within that footer. You can also disable the Cvent default privacy policy and add your own.

    Copying to a New Event: When creating a new event from an existing one, Speaker Resource Center components can now be copied over to this new event. In addition to speakers and sessions, Resource Center tasks, Site Designer configurations, and speaker emails are available to be copied over.

    Session Feedback: You can now share attendee feedback surveys with your speakers by using the new Session Feedback widget. This allows you to relay speaker-specific feedback, as well as share session details and other registration information.

    Maximum File Size for SRC File Uploads: You now have the option to limit the size of files you allow for any SRC file upload. The default file size is 250 MB per file, which is also the current maximum file size allowed.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management


    Meeting Request Forms (New)

    Custom Answer Formats:
     The new MRF now supports custom answer formats, which allows you to choose specific formats for the text fields on the MRF. This can be set up at the account level (in Admin).

    Custom Field Updates: Now, any changes made to the custom event fields are shown on the MRF without having to remove and add the field again.

    Default Answers: You can now specify a default answer that will show on the meeting request form. This is available for questions (text, number, comment box, and choice) and custom fields. This helps simplify the response process for requesters, while helping to make sure administrators are getting the type of data they're looking for.

    Link Logic Indicator: Any questions with applied link logic on the MRF will now have a pill-shaped indicator on them. This allows you as the Administrator to quickly find and manage your questions that use link logic.

    Placeholder Text: You can now use placeholder text on a request form field that will appear before the requester enters in their answer. This allows the administrator to guide the requester to the right answer format, streamline the response process, and improve data accuracy. Some examples include: "Phone Format 555-555-5555" or "Please enter your name as it appears on ID"

    Question Tags: Question tags were carried over from Legacy and are now available for new MRF. They allow administrators to tag and report on multiple questions across different forms and pages within Cvent. The tagged questions will appear together in a grid within the report.

    Access Portal

    Filter by Requester:
     There's now the option to "filter by requester" while adding users to an Access Portal and to Access Portal user groups. This helps administrators transition their users from legacy meeting request websites to Access Portal.

    Access Portal Users in Event Website Testing: Access Portal users are now included as possible recipients for Event Website testing. This allows you to send a test email to your Access Portal users without having to create additional users and maintains the unique email addresses within the account.


    Updates to Citi Card integration notifications: 
    For your Citi Card integration, you can now create multiple email notifications for all the different card and transaction actions, including virtual card approvals. This enables you to have different notifications routed to different reviewers based on criteria you define, such as card spending limit or associated billing account.

    Link Logic Indicator: Any questions with applied link logic on the MRF will now have a pill-shaped indicator on them. This allows you as the Administrator to quickly find and manage your questions that use link logic.

    New Placeholder Text: Standard and custom fields now have placeholder text. Placeholder text helps you explain to your requester users what type of data response or data format you're looking for.



    Easier to find events in the AttendeeHub: Previously, when attendees searched for events in the AttendeeHub, they often needed to switch between the US and European datacenter to find their event. With our new global event search, attendees will now see results for events in both datacenters and no longer need to manually switch between datacenters to access their event.

    Added screen rotation for iOS: To provide a bigger viewing screen for attendees who are using the app to watch virtual sessions, external websites will now show in landscape mode when an iOS device is rotated to the side. This is now the same across Android and iOS.

    Time zone label: To make it more clear when sessions are happening during your virtual event, we've added a new time zone label to the schedule in the Online Event Guide so attendees know when to join a session live stream in their local time zone. Resubmission not required for custom branded apps.

    Polls available in local time zone on the Online Event Guide: Previously, attendees viewing a live session in a different time zone from the event would be unable to access the session's polls. Polls in the Online Event Guide will now unlock during the session across all time zones so everyone can participate. Resubmission not required for custom branded apps.

    Added the ability to sync Exhibitors via the Cvent Integration: If you're integrating with Cvent, you can now sync Exhibitors you've added in Exhibitor Management to CrowdCompass. This allows attendees to access the exhibitor profiles in the app while saving you the time of building them out separately in the EventCenter. Resubmission not required for custom branded apps.

    Online Event Guide Home Page Redesign: With more attendees using the Online Event Guide (OEG) to participate in virtual events, we've given the home page a refresh with the addition of a new header graphic and featured sponsors section.

    Onsite Solutions – OnArrival

    QuickScan Redesign (OnArrival iOS):
     We've redesigned the Kiosk Mode QuickScan check-in experience to include easy check-in through search, barcode, and NFC scanning.

    Active Sessions (OnArrival iOS): A new dashboard in OnArrival Event Stats now displays current sessions with live and past check-in data, real time data for how many people are at the session, and attendee breakdowns.

    Single Sign On (OnArrival Android): Cvent Core users (i.e. users of Cvent solutions on, such as Event Management) will now be able to log into OnArrival Android using SSO credentials.

    Badge Printing Update (OnArrival Android): We will now require attendee registration types to be assigned to a badge in order to successfully print. This will include the no registration type group.

    Support Update (OnArrival Android): OnArrival now supports OS 7 and above.

    Contactless Check-in: Hands-Free QuickScan allows contactless badge printing and check-in without the need to touch the kiosk.

    Kiosk Mode Checkout: Attendees can now check out of an event or session in kiosk mode and submit signatures.

    In-app Cvent Community access: Clicking the 'Help' button in OnArrival will now direct you to the Cvent Community. You'll be dropped on our most popular Meet Our OnArrival Check-In App article to browse, and from there you can search additional support documentation to fit your needs.

    App Security PIN: OnArrival can now have a 6-digit PIN that will be required to unlock the app on entry for enhanced device security, if enabled for your account. Reach out to your Account Manager for more information on this security setting.

    Onsite Solutions – LeadCapture

    Delete Leads: LeadCapture now supports the ability to delete leads within the Exhibitor Portal. The delete functionality provides you as the Exhibitor Admin the ability to delete any test data/invalid leads as you deem fit.
    Once deleted, leads are:
    - Removed from the lead list within the portal and LeadCapture devices.
    - Removed from all number widgets/dashboards/counts on the portal and LeadCapture devices.
    - Removed from all reports within the Planner Portal and Exhibitor Portal.
    - Retained as attendees for the appointments they had already checked into.
    - Not able to be restored by the user. For any data restore requests, please contact Customer Support.

    E-Literature: E-Literature allows lead gatherers to send sales collateral directly to leads from the trade show floor. Trade show managers/planners can determine which collateral is available to each lead gatherer and lead gatherers then have the ability to choose the relevant collateral for each lead. E-Literature provides stakeholders with a view of what was sent by each lead gatherer to each lead.

    Onsite Solutions – Exhibitor Management

    Custom Exhibitor Emails – Manual and Scheduling Options: You can now use manual and scheduling send options for Custom Exhibitor Emails in your Flex events.

    Task Reminder Emails: Task Reminder emails can now reference multiple incomplete tasks per exhibitor when sent from within your Flex event. Task Reminders manually triggered from with Tasks in Exhibitor Management will continue to work as previous - per task.

    Exhibitor Sync with CrowdCompass: (Also shared above in CrowdCompass release notes) This integration allows attendees to access the exhibitor profiles in the app while saving you the time of building them out separately in the Event Center. All updates should be made in Exhibitor Management. Updates made in Event Center won't be synced back to Exhibitor Management.

    Enabling Direct to Exhibitor App Only LeadCapture License Sales from Planner-side: This setting becomes visible to you once LeadCapture is activated. We're now allowing you to self-serve turning this on, whereas historically you would have to call Cvent Support to enable. Both options are in Exhibitor Settings right next to each other. This setting only activates App Only license purchasing in Exhibitor Portal for the specific event. Pricing and App Only license choices remain as configured in Account Management > Event Settings for the event and are reflected within the new feature setting for clarity. This works with both current App Only license choices:

    • First Purchase With Additional Purchase
    • 3 Pack Bundle and Additional Licenses

    Manual and Scheduling Options for Custom Exhibitor Emails: 
    You can now use manual and scheduling send options for Custom Exhibitor Emails in your Flex events.


    Delay Table Assignment: You can now delay automatic table assignment for appointments on a location-by-location basis. With this new option enabled, tables won't be assigned until the appointment is accepted by an attendee from a different company than the host. This helps minimize the chances of tables being reserved for appointments that don't end up taking place. To keep track of appointments without tables, visit the Locations tab on the planner calendar.

    Concurrent Appointments: You can now allow any given location to have more than 1 appointment at the same time. If the location doesn't have tables, the maximum number of appointments is up to the planner. If the location does have tables, then the number of tables determines how many appointments can happen at once. (Example: A location with 5 tables can have up to 5 appointments at the same time).

    Clickable Video Conference Links on Appointments Calendar: You can now include clickable video conference links for your appointments in the calendar. Previously, the links weren't clickable, so attendees had to copy and paste them into their browser. You can add the clickable link to the Appointment Description, Location Name, and Table Name. We support video conferencing links for the following whitelisted domains: Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Amazon Chime, Microsoft.

    Self-scheduling: With this new appointment type, you're able to set up a list of appointments and available times, then let attendees schedule them with your organization themselves. With this type, you can also show attendees questions to better prepare themselves for the appointments. Specifically, for Universal Appointments events, you're also able to set up a self-scheduling form in the Form Designer. This allows full visual customization to ensure the form matches your organization's branding.


    Premium Feedback Surveys for Flex Events

    Matrix Multi-Select Question: 
    The matrix question in Surveys has been enhanced to support multiple answer selections. Now, you can set up the question to allow respondents to select multiple choices per category.

    Event Stakeholder Feedback: We're now offering stakeholder feedback surveys! Stakeholders could be any member of the organization who has interest in the success of the event and is managing event programs, like the director of meetings, the head of the planning division, or the requester of the event.

    Session Survey Availability: You can now configure your session surveys to be available for all event registrants, regardless if they registered or participated for that session. This is helpful for sessions where you think there's a high number of walk-ins that may not be a part of the attendee registration.

    Non-Event Surveys in Surveys (New)

    Extended Response Data Export:
    A new downloadable report called Extended Response Data Export has been added. This allows you to get a full export of survey answer data, contact information, and respondent information. This report is an extended version of the Response Data Export report – it shows the answers for multi-select questions and matrix multi-select questions as one choice per report column, rather than multiple choices separated by a comma. This format helps you export their data to excel, apply filters, or create charts and graphs.

    Cvent Supplier Network (Planner-side)

    New RFP Cancellation Reasons: You can now select from 4 new RFP cancellation reasons if you need to cancel your RFP: Medical emergency, Epidemic or pandemic, Natural disaster, Political or civil unrest. These new reasons were added to make sure you can accurately indicate why you have to cancel your RFP during this pandemic of COVID-19 and any future emergencies or events.

    Social Tables (Planner-side)

    Diagram Check:
    You can input values for the minimum distance required between tables and chairs, and the maximum number of chairs allowed. Run your Diagram Check to automatically see if your diagram meets the defined inputs. Tables and chairs that are not compliant will display in red on the diagram. This will be crucial in ensuring diagrams meet social distancing and safety standards.

    Passkey (Planner-side)

    New Group Booking Flow in Modern Layout: Below are the key steps in the new Group Booking flow.

    • The booking contact enters their information
    • The contact views and edits individual reservations
    • The contact reviews their changes on the summary page
    • The contact sees a reservation confirmation page

    Improvements to Footer for Modern Layout:
     To make the footer less obtrusive, we reduced font size and reduced opacity to help it blend into the background.

    Custom Date Selection for the Wash Inventory Task: We introduced a new custom date option for the Wash Inventory task. Previously, the custom date option was only available for the Sell Primary Inventory task. Also, inventory scheduled tasks will now run on the Event Cutoff date for Citywide events. Previously, the tasks ran on the hotel-level Reservation Access date.

    Cancel Event Instructions: We made significant improvements to the warning messages and instructions for cancelling events. The new version is wider, has detailed steps, and links to support resources. The old version was not very instructive, lacked detailed steps, and did not mention any support resources.

    Pace Data Updates: We now use live data to display the current day's booking pace on all pace charts. For previous days, we now use snapshot data. Previously, you couldn't see the current day's pace until the next day. This improvement not only provides live data on today's pace, but it also provides a consistent view into past days.


    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on August 6th to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person and virtual event strategy. You'll also get the chance to submit questions live to our Product Managers!


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